The Shadow of Myself
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2001-10-11 05:17:15 (UTC)

I've got a month full of fun weekends..

How cool is the month of october?? Last weekend was
parents weekend... how much fun was that? I totally
enjoyed seeing my parents. I hadn't seen them for like 5
weeks or something.. maybe it was 6.. hmm.. whatever. This
coming weekend is the LIFEHOUSE CONCERT!! How long have I
been counting down for that one?? Umm... since Labor Day
weekend.. when I got the tickets.. haha. The sad part
about that one is that fall retreat is this weekend also so
I have to miss that. Thats where all my girls are gonna be
at.. :( They'll have a blast though I'm sure. Ok.. so
then the weekend after that is fall break. That means I
get to go home for the first time in like 7 weeks or
something. Wow.. that is def. the longest I've ever been
away from home. I totally miss my dog.. :( I'm going to
go to the OU/Miami football game that weekend in Athens..
and I get to visit my buds that go up there. I'm sooo
excited I haven't seen them for since wow a long time
ago... like 2 and 1/2 months... whoa. Thats gonna be a
blast! Then... finally.. the last weekend in october.. Hey
Thomas has a concert. I'm very excited about that.. b/c I
haven't seen them forever either. I miss all of them. I
can't wait until their cd comes out!!

So I have an exciting month.. as long as I can make it
through classes during the week.. haha. Time totally flies
up here. It is sooo crazy. I feel like I've been here
forever... but time has gone by really fast. I'm not sure
if you understand that or not.. but I know what I mean..
haha. Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to be here sooo
fast!! Whoa..

I guess that'll do for now..


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