OnLy ½ Of Me Is KnOwN
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2001-10-11 05:05:02 (UTC)

And It's Been Awhile...

"since I've gone and fucked things up, just like I also do,
and it's been awhile, but all that shit seems to disappear
when I'm with you.."
Well... Matt asked me to homecoming on Sunday :) I was
happy, then yesterday afternoon he asked me out :) I was
even more happy. And today in the assembly we sat next to
each other and he did not try to hold my hand... I was not
happy :( - He is freakin' straight as all hell. But that's
ok. I'mma try not to get fusterated. I cannot get him off
my mind. I am sleepy but I cannot sleep b/c he is all that
is feeling my mind!! He is just so adorable. I'm just gonna
be like hey Matt and grab him... haha, I wish. I hope he
waits for my by mine and Mark's locker like he did today. I
like him SOOOO much! I cannot wait until homecoming and...
yep! At the game I hope we hold hands. I hope we hold hands
tomorrow. I just.. goodness! I want him.. (not like that,
lol) But I like him a lot. But my show "Band of Brothers"
just game on (SHIT!! I forgot Dawson's Creek came on today :
() But... yea, so I'mma have to go!!
OHHHH!! I got a letter from AMTC (the American Modeling &
Talent Convention) and I'm freakin' happy b/c I Have
auditions on Sunday! But I'm really nervous ! I have voice
lessons tomorrow. So yea know, but anyway, the show

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