The meanderings of a mind
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2001-10-11 04:58:13 (UTC)

18 and over parental guidance suggested

Fly me up to heaven
wrapped in your embrace
with the heat of love
we'll soar out of this place
Touch your lips to my cheek
run your hands through my hair
Erase my mind of all its thoughts
Shelter me with your care
Lay here beside me
I need to feel your skin
gorge myself on your scent
take you all in
Burn me with your kisses
Drown me in your desire
Please don't let me go
I lust to feel your fire
whisper that you want me
That you ache with need
Push me to the edges
Make me beg and plead
I want you sweetly
I want you fast
Don't take your time
Make each second last

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