lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-10-11 04:42:44 (UTC)

my first date & my first friend

haha not really. but tonight i was at in n out, and dan
took my money and ordered for me and all and it was really
cute. and then we sat down together and pretended it was
our first date, except eric ruined it and then my coach
came over and burped and blew it in my face. ahh that was

anyway, we had a meet 2 hours away today, so i got to leave
school at 11:30, which was cool as all get-go. then i ate
a little and fell asleep on the bus. ahhh.

then we got to the school and sat down in the shade and i
did my math homework and talked to the girls around me.
then all the girls went to do their warm-up while i sat in
the middle of the grass listening to the guys talk. jerry,
evan, steve, etc (in other words, a buncha guys you don't
know and probably don't want to know) were talking about
weeeeeeird things (like jerry standing on the balcony naked
@ stanford...eeeeuuuw) so i made a yucky face. then evan
asked why i was making the yucky face and i told him it was
cuz he was not being nice. and then he came over and sat
next to me and we talked about boys being nice, math,
school, people, dc talk vs. jars of clay, was
really random but it was cool. everyone at school has
pretty much dismissed me as the "smart girl who never
talks" (yes those words exactly) so i feel quite like a
geek. when evan talked to me i felt like a human. mmm.
it's nice to feel human.

and then, later, evan and this feisty kid, drake, were
fighting about rap vs. punk. and i was just sitting there
with my headphones on (heh heh) and listening to evan
explain why rap is THE BEST, etc. finally evan said, "this
is how we settle it. whatever lindsay says is better.
lindsay, what are you listening to right now?" and it was
mxpx so haha evan lost.

but then he came over and sat next to me and asked if he
could listen to my music, and of course i let him. then he
said it was "actually okay" and pretended to fall asleep on
me. then he left and came back about 5 different times.
one time he said, "you're all alone and i don't want you to
be alone!" if i hadn't been soo tired, i would have
cracked up. so now i'm cracking up. and then in the
parking lot, he put his arm around me and stuff. not that
any of this means anything romantically (nooooo don't worry
kids, i have not found a new boy), but it means this: i
made a friend!!!!!