lost in the dark
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2001-10-11 04:23:42 (UTC)

Wonders never stop to amaze people...

Entry, Not to sure how to take this one.
The thought about losing another one that breaks through
the barrier. Got to love how life can be sometimes. When
you know when you have let something slip through your
fingers when things don't feel right.
Today went really well. I have no complaints about it.
Even had a good friend of mine come by and have Coffee.
But, it was not the coffee that I was thinking about. I
called Star hoping to talk to her, and see how her day
went. To bad she was not home. So I left a message. Before
I had the chance to call her back, Sister called to invite
me out to the movies. Went and saw "Training Day", I wish
that I would have been able to ask star to join us.
Well, maybe next time. To Brother and Sister and Star I
wish you a good night.

Lost in the Dark...