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2001-10-11 01:22:19 (UTC)

From Monday Night to Wednesday night - far from eyes

I was just working. I searched all schools in one squared mille near from my home town. I did it Tuesday and Wednesday
afternoons and evenings. I only could get who wanted the
books at same school those two days.
I almost couldn't see my friends because I was not there
all these days. I am disguising from other works too.
In some weeks mission at school will be ended.
I need to do some good act to some people. We live lifes
in any time. But one thing is important every time. Where
money wasn't there. When people was friends. When everything
could be good or just forgetable. God would like people be
good by their own. Some people would to like to be a
teacher. But is out of the perfect way. I dream about me
helping with books. Lending the books till end of event.
It is better than everything money could buy. Because money
is not there to do what it does best. Cheaping anything away. May I help true the people wanted to be a teacher.
May I have some book rain washed and I expect no people
will want it. So why I will get it with. Has no value but
better to who needs so much. Maybe God smiles again for me.