2001-03-06 09:45:47 (UTC)

Well, I was gonna head of to..

Well, I was gonna head of to bed, but.......I feel like
writing tonight. It is 4:22am here and I dont feel at all
tired yet! My girlfriend Kathy is sleeping already, early
inner. :) I am so happy about tonight, the way everything
has worked out with our relationship over the past year,
and this past few days. She gotz that old spark in her
pretty blue eyes agian. Bye the way, I am 20, and Kathy is
17. Alot of people think that is a big age difference. We
do live together, and she is still in school. I promised
her parents that I wouldn't desrupt that of all things. I
would love to see her make something of herself. I wrote a
new song called Destination Heaven today, it is dedacated
to my grandparents. When I was younger, my grandfather used
to tell me when you die, you go to a trian station and pick
up your ticket to your destination in heaven so I wrote it
for him. I hope he hears it. Soon I will be puting some of
my poems up for who ever to read, just ain't got them at
arm reach now....................... Moment to think, lol.
Well I'm back, and still writing. I love this program.
Gives me something creative to do then sit around being
bored all day! Well, I really should head off to bed, my
girlfriend is probibly getting lonely in there all by
herself, and frankly I'm getting lonely too! Love her to
death, dont know what I would do if I lost her. Night all.