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The Mad Scientist's Notebook
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2001-10-11 04:21:35 (UTC)


This experiment already has produced some results and I'm
still in pre-production. :)
Poetry.com will be including the poem "My Friend" to an
anthology out next year entitled "Under a Quicksilver Moon"
which makes me very very happy.
I did it, and I did by accident...it's amazing...I'm
thrilled...hell, I'm on cloud 99...
I want to thank some people for helping me with the project
so far:

Kaleem - definitely a big help my friend...I appreciate
your critiques and your suggestions so far...

Sarah - Your critiques on some of my poems were just
awesome...thank you...

Michelle - Thank you for coming up with the poem in my
head. "My Friend" came from a favorite phrase of yours so
I thank you for that.

Scott and Kyle - My friends, I thank you for introducing me
to the justice byrds and making me a better writer.

there are many others that I want to thank but I do want to
say that anything is possible and that dreams do come true.
Thank you all...
Before I go, I should also note that my webpage will
finally have an about the author section with my
picture...so you curious people out there will know finally
what I look like...
That's it from me for a while as I plan on taking a week
off before I talk about the post production.

The Mad Scientist