A Hippie's Thoughts......
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2001-10-11 03:59:15 (UTC)



Yep Today has totally sucked out tha butt. well...like
everyone has been telling me 2 do...i told the guy i liked
that i liked him..well actually..my friend told him 4 me.
and its not like im mad @ him cuz i cant make him like
me..and he said that he just didnt want a gfriend. but what
makes me mad is how now i hafta face him like always and
pretend like everything is *ok* when its not, ya know? he
said that he didnt want things 2 be different between
us..he said that i can still ride in his car. he said he
wants to get to know me better. but i dont care just
whatever..im tired and i dont really care cuz i just want
to go 2 sleep. hez going 2 be gone the rest of the week.
gah. ok well im going..my friend and i are talking 2 the
dude who likes her..i think we are being mean 2 him.


14..like i just dont care ne more

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