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Starting over
2024-02-12 06:49:31 (UTC)

The weekend is over, had a ..

The weekend is over, had a super nice relaxing weekend. I made us a roast yesterday, not sure how many times we made love. Tried to watch the superbowl, we had a glass of wine and I thought we were done fooling around, but obviously wine gets Mike ready go, so not really sure what happened during the second quarter, the game was on but I was being distracted in the love couch!

I loved the half time show, Mike isn't really into Usher, but I said as someone who loves music you have to appreciate the fact that this man is our age out there doing his thing. Then Alicia Keys, I don't know, I loved it, I loved the whole game. I honestly wished they would have shown Taylor a little more, only because my girl crush was with her, I love Blake. The wine combined with all the love making, made me tired so pretty much after half time I was out. Thank God I feel asleep it went into overtime (I hate that) Taylor's team won (I knew it) but as far as I can tell he didn't drop down to his knee and propose, but it's still technically after the superbowl so he could do it today, or any time and it will be after the superbowl. Mike was rooting for the 49er's, I almost wanted to root for them when I seen their cute little adorable quarterback, he is the same age as my baby. In the end I stayed true to Taylor's team

I am not really into Taylor or football, it's just been a fun ride. I mean football is everywhere right now, well I think it's over now until next year right??? anyways it was just fun to watch it play out like a real life fairy tale...pretty tall blond hair blue eyed girl meets handsome boy and they fall in love with the whole world watching. I don't know it's just something to do, plus I love to poke the bear, you know the football dads, brads and chads ;)

The other morning Kim text me that a bird dive bombed her as she was entering work, she said it freaked her the fuck out, she was afraid to leave but finally made it out to her car and left with her stuff, I text the boss to let him know we had a visitor in the building. When I got to work he said 'it wasn't a was a bat, it's dead now' I called Kim to let her know her encounter wasn't a bird but a bat, her first thing was 'OMG I'm glad it didn't bite my neck' hahah I love her so, I was like 'honey that is only in the movies' she said 'no for real he dive bombed her neck and knocked her hat off, she said to have him replay the video, so we might watch that today.

As far as work goes I almost feel like telling my boss and the owner that if they want the scoop, here's the scoop I am making plans on leaving and when I do I am taking a team with me, now I am not sure how long this is going to take but it's in the vortex so yeah just to give you a heads up....we all about to blow this popsicle stand

but I won't instead I am just going to play into this whole 'WE ARE ALL FAMILY HERE' and the next time they tell me to do something I don't want to I am just going to scream "YOU'RE NOT MY REAL MOM"

so yeah I have a plan

gonna be a great day~



Glad u r family at work Hopefully you won't be like Jerry McGuire when he Wanted to leave, saying "who's coming with me?" and only one person went with him. It's good to have loyal co-workers, family Just know Green money/paycheck beats a pink slip! 👌