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Notes from my Black
2024-02-12 03:03:36 (UTC)

Sweet 15

I haven’t weighed myself in at least a month. Before that I’d lost 10 and gained 5… such is the way of me. My goal was to lose 20, but I’ve been sneaking marshmallows. I’m a sugar/ candy lover. What can I say?

The thing is, I’ve lost 15 lbs! I was kinda surprised. My jeans fit. My stomach is smaller. I feel strong. My feet and knees are constantly low grade aching though. That usually my gauge. If my legs hurt, I’m probably over weight. Not this time… 5 more to go!

Oh and I weighed myself at the end of the day. I always weigh more at night. And I was clothed… double bonus! Whooo ha!
Time to celebrants eat a marshmallow.

I didn’t watch the game… work will be interesting as I’m positive everyone will be talking about it and expecting that everyone has some sort of commentary about it. “Sorry, didn’t watch it…” Did Taylor get to play? Did she propose to that guy?