Experienced Life
2024-02-12 00:03:19 (UTC)

A fantabulous day🥳😊

So I was able to pull off that pork belly recipe for the Superbowl party. I wasn't sure how it'd turn out and I only made it once before but everyone liked it. So I'm glad that turned out well. All kinds of food and someone even brought crab legs!!! I'm thinking what?! I know our group and no one does that. But this guy is a manager of some restaurants so he's able to get them for a very good price. So yeah, there were chips, and dips there but also rice with what my culture calls lechon along with that guys's crab legs. Plenty of alcohol.

So of course, we watched the Superbowl. It was so fricking close. What a nail biter. But at the end, Mahomes scores the winning TD and just like's cha-ching for me. I get about a $3 thousand dollar ticket I need to cash when I get to Vegas in May. And get this, my friend had to remind me about the future ticket that I bought. It's one where you guess who will win the Superbowl early on and I now recall I bought two. One for the Cowboys and that went kaput. But the other? Yes indeed. I was for the Chiefs to win the Superbowl and they did just that. So that's another $500 ticket I'll need to cash in when I get to Vegas. I also still have the tickets for the NFC and AFC I wagered on before I left Vegas the last time. Those are almost $4K. Oh Happy days. So many online professionals were saying that the Niners would win because they have better players as a whole. But not everyone understands that some people choke during pressure situations aka: Dak Prescott, Some play at the same level, and some has some magic in them and do above and beyond. That person is the Chiefs QB Mahomes. He's a special kind of player. That's why I wagered on his team.

My friend in Vegas that placed that last bet for me is coming home on Monday but will have to fly back out again on Tuesday to Utah so I'll need to get my ticket or cash from her tomorrow before she leaves again :) I of course will be there.

After the party, Heidi drove me home and hung out for awhile to chat. Nice to know what's up with my friends. Susan texted me too along with my two other football buddies congratulating me on my wins. I think I have about $7,500 in tickets to cash in. More than enough play money on my next trip. Oh please please please don't let this be a dream.



I was looking forwRD TO reading your posts to see how you did THat was a close game! Not a football fiend But superbowls are the best of the best duking it out, and those commercials, and a sweaty Marvin Gaye-ish halftime show, that was good, yeah. Good times!
Half time Superbowl intermission and the commercials are always a show on their own. Enjoyed it all.