trampled on flowers
2023-11-21 21:28:51 (UTC)

I still remember you all

I still remember you guys, and I do think about you all when the nights are too quiet and I'm all alone. My family members who have passed, and my friends who I met and lost along the way. I havent forgotten you, and I miss you.

To my family who have passed, and especially my grandmother, I miss you. I don't have a lot of memories with you... they're barely even there but on long silent nights I try to remember the moments we shared. Lola, I miss you. I still remember you holding me close to you when I was a child and had a holiday there. The way you would smile softly and gently while you pinched my nose. How you would say that I looked like you. I still remember the way you bought me and my cousins ice-cream, it was delicious. I'm sorry I didn't cry at your funeral. I didn't really know what was happening, I was only a child and didn't completely understand that I wouldn't see you again anymore. I'm sorry, I miss you and I love you.

I cried on the plane ride back to home to another country after that time.

To my friends who I've left behind and lost communication with, I remember you. To my best friend from the first primary school I went to here in a foreign country, I miss you and I hope you still at least remember the time we spent playing and goofing off in class together. When I moved to another town and lost contact with you, I cried. In times when I felt lonely, I would often think back to a class were we had to talk like we were on the news and we couldn't stop laughing because of something we said. It brought me comfort. To my friends from the second town I've ever lived at, I'm sorry I stopped texting back. It's my fault. I've always had trouble communicating and texting back than and I regret it to this day. I never told anyone that I cried and wished that my family would go back to that town, how i missed you all and how lonely I felt. Chatting with you all lessened the loneliness I felt. Thank you.

I hope that one day I see you all again, talk and catchup, because even though I am full of regrets because of my actions. I want to talk with you guys one day. I miss you and I love you.