Scrambled thoughts
2023-11-21 17:41:59 (UTC)

Rainy days but pretty views

Hi.. I'm trying to be regular :)

I took a nap today after a hectic and rainy day at college. Running around here and there to make corrections our report, (it didnt help that it was pouring outside and I had gone in formals for presentation) plus missing breakfast and lunch caused a headache. On reaching my room, I immediately dived under comfort of my fluffy and thick blanket. I woke up around 5 pm when my roommate came back, disoriented but thankfully relieved of my headache.

The view was so pretty from the balcony. It had stopped raining for a while, the sun shining a rare orange golden from in between the clouds beginning to clear out. The light was beautifully reflected from that side of the buildings in the distance which faces the sun, leaving a yellow glow on their white walls.

The sight took me back to the city I used to live in earlier, full of glass skyscrapers. At sunset those particular windows that faced the sun would clearly reflect the bright orange sun, it seemed like the sun was shining through those buildings.

I'm going to indulge myself with another season of 'His Dark Materials' cause I need a break. There's another 2 days until the exams start so...