Never Broken
2023-11-21 11:55:01 (UTC)

It Won’t Be Long Now

Once again, I could not sleep. I told Joy and the boys I probably wouldn’t sleep well due to anxiety and I was partially right. I am not anxious, yet, but I am in pain. Pain in my left hip, a sense of agitation because of it and being too hot under the covers and too cold out of them has led me to just staying up. I can sleep on the drive.

Joy mentioned again something that she has stated before, namely that democrats want to put conservative republicans in “reeducation camps”. I tried to google this, doing it several different ways, and though I did find mention of this, I could not find a definitive source. In other words, I found it mention in the context of this is what they are afraid of, but not in the context of a particular democratic politician or influential democratic businessperson calling for this. I’m going to challenge her to find me one source that is not a far right conservative source and not a social media account that backs up her claim. I bet she can’t do it.