Pandoras box
2023-11-21 11:28:34 (UTC)

One big Step

I sent you an email last night. You replied. I did not feel resentment from your words. I guess one learns to the being of a person only as time goes by. I know how easy it is for me to anger someone. I have been sickly, I mean really really sickly starting on July. The doctors could not really give me a diagnosis after so many tests. I determined it myself. Only then, did I get to calm down. I am not used to being sickly. I would rather die at once than go through the stress of worrying.
He was the one who shouldered all the bitchiness I could muster. But he did not leave until he was sure that I was doing better.
I don't know if he would still forgive me and give me a chance. But I want him to be close to me again. I just don't know if he would permit it.
He is in a not so good situation right now, and I want to help him in any way I can.
He is a good man. And I want him back.