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Starting over
2023-11-21 04:53:27 (UTC)

I got to work with the most ..

I got to work with the most positive mindset I could manufacture, I started the day (after catching up with everyone's weekend) with my first collection call. The man answered his phone and was like 'hey I know you are calling about money we owe you, but he passed away last night. Actually I am sitting in the funeral home right now making the plans, I will pay you once I get all this stuff taken care of' I was like omg I am so sorry, just forget I called and do what you have to do and again I am sorry. Yep it's Monday

I can be sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing and stare at my phone ringing and not answer it....why are you answering your phone in a funeral home planning a funeral???????

I went and walked around the office telling my boss I was done making collection calls for the day, she was like having none of that. So I sucked it up and called the next person on my list. Her mother was still alive, but actively it was a long phone call of listening to this woman tell me how hard it is watching the woman who raised you wither away into nothing. Her mother has a few days left and she just wants to go spend all the time she can with her, she will pay the bill when this is over and she hopes I understand. Of course baby, bless your heart, you go love the shit out of your mom while you can, just forget I called.

and that was all I did, I made 2 calls yesterday. I just did a shit ton of other stuff to keep busy. 3 more days this week and that's all...I can do this I can do this I can do this I can do this......but I don't want to

It was just a mentally exhausting day, which I have found I carry in my neck and shoulders, so I was hurting when I got home. I waved the white flag and asked for a night of mercy. It's not that I didn't want to make love to him, just being near him gets my 'bean' activated, I just felt that my body physically couldn't if that makes sense. So we ate, he cooked some chicken and watched some of the Voice and just cuddled on the couch and went to sleep. Of course at 3:30 both the cats want me to get up and get them their treats so I am up with them, I have always loved the early morning time I have to myself since as long as I can remember. I call it 'me time'. It was always just an hour or 2 for myself before the kids woke up or life got busy that I could just have just for me to do whatever I wanted...or absolutely nothing at all. I have always done my chores in the morning, raised that way, had to get the house cleaned so my mom could have her clients come and get their hair cut in a nice clean spotless home, so I was trained this way.

Mike came out into the living room and was like 'what the heck you are watching football?' I was like duh Taylor's team is playing her boyfriend's brothers team and I don't know if she is there and who she is rooting for, she is a long time Eagles fan but falling in love with a Chief so yeah I am watching the game.

I hate football, all sports actually, but I love a good love story and also irritating the fuck out of Mike. he is so sick of me acting like I know about football now, I am just playing but I love this. Also found out that apparently me singing rack city bitch Imma motha fuckin star every time I put on my robe doesn't turn him on....the audacity of this man.

In my defense, if I was trying to turn him on I would be taking the robe off not putting it yeah I will continue to sing every time I put this robe on....forever cuz Imma motha fuckin star baby

thank God he loves me so

well he is just getting up so gonna go grab a quick good morning kiss

gonna be a great day!