2023-11-21 07:27:12 (UTC)

Life after death

Do we really get to see our loved ones when we die?
is there a real place where we live forever called heaven?
i am not really a religious person so i am not into believing that.

it is a nice idea that we see our family one day again, it is so real in some peoples minds that they pray, go to church, read the bible, just so they have that chance one day. but no one knows for sure and maybe it is to some a false hope. but like a lot of stuff, it is meant to calm us about death and the dying process.
we all will die one day, we all will have to face death and to some thinking we will see our loves ones again makes death less scary.

it is true that to each their own, we all do what we want with our life and our belief as well, a belief in heaven and what will happen has a self relief that even our family can not always give us. religion can be helpful in that way.