glory in the flower
2023-11-20 22:43:25 (UTC)


i hate reading back sad things that i wrote its almost cringe lol. but at the same time its nice to know that i dont quite feel that way anymore. idk it comes in waves. i feel alright for now.

im gonna have a good day tomorrow. at least im actually doing something and not sitting around the house. it feels good being back in the gym.

i wonder if i can find some vocab tests, haha i really wanna widen my vocabulary fr. i feel like i should know some better words idk.

im watching the equalizer 3 right now and havent ever seen any of them but idc i love me good lil action movie and denzel washington duh.

i can tell that im feeling more depressed than usual for sure because im much less motivated to get out of bed, brush my hair and teeth, shower etc. i have been staying up later than i normally would and like procrastinating all my personal chores like actually doing my laundry and making sure my room is clean. ive always been someone who doesnt make their bed so thats whatever to me but i was in my making my bed era for a little while just recently lol.

my cat keeps meowing at me. she also keeps napping for hella long during the day like later in the afternoon and then into the evening/night. obviously this makes her more alert and awake when im trying to go to bed haha.

i want to get up and get ready for bed but i realllyyy also dont want to. i think maybe sometimes i dont wanna do anythinig because its so cold and i dont like being cold smh.

anyways, my eyes are getting tired and feeling heavy and itchy so im gonna go to bed now. goodnight.