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2023-11-21 05:23:32 (UTC)

Take this to heart

Dear Stranger,

I was texting Caden today- I told him some stuff that I feel will help him- this is what I sent him- I hope it helps you too.


Caden: Hey babe I'm sorry I haven't texted you. I've been sleeping all day and my head has been hurting. I feel like shit and I just been in a shitty mood. I'm sorry

Myself: You're good. Awww take some Tylenol for that headache babe. Get better.

Remember- don't neglect your responsibilities like schooling- you're almost done. You can't neglect your responsibilities because of a negative mood- neglecting your responsibilities will just pile on and will make it harder/longer for you to start getting back to normal. Even if you're in a bad mood, you can't neglect your responsibilities- once you get back to normal, you'll thank yourself. Take what I said to heart- it's something I had to learn and something you shall learn as well. I really mean it- take it to heart.

Your main responsibilities are school (for your future career), work (cuz you need to pay for bills), sleep/exercise/meals (health cuz this affects your well-being/mind), and keeping your part of the room clean (a clean room can help clear your mind). Taking care of these main responsibilities will help relieve stress and will help you move through your emotions more efficiently. You'll feel better eventually. Make a list of things you need to do- this will help too to organize your life to decrease stress.

Everything else- like catering to you family and me can wait. You need to take care of yourself first- take care of YOUR responsibilities first. I'm okay with not hanging out- just take care of YOUR responsibilities. You have to do this for yourself- not anyone else. You have to be strong. If you're not, then you'll dislike yourself even more. You can't pour from an empty cup- you need to take care of yourself during this time. You need to help yourself before you help others.

Don't forget- get enough sleep and eat well. Exercise too if it'll help you manage these emotions- to let off some heat. Do at least that much.

I'm not saying this for my benefit- I'm saying it for yours- it's something I had to learn. Even when I'm feeling like shit, I knew I needed to AT LEAST do the above to be able to move on from that. Otherwise, leaving things pilling on just ruins my mood even further. This is for your benefit.

Take care of your responsibilities first- then do whatever coping mechanisms help. I love you babe. hug


I want you to take this to heart too.

From yours truly,
Karma Rose