Life to the lees
2023-11-21 04:53:01 (UTC)

Henry Winkler

Henty Winkler… or at least that’s the name I call him in my head is my absolute favorite dance partner (aside from my hubby or kids of course). He is an amazing lead, helps me with my frame in ways that make sense. Has a little trouble stepping on my feet, but he is kind and smiles often. He has a daughter by my name so he remembered my name quickly. I just call him Henry in my head.

We are actually getting ballroom dancing finally. It’s been 8mo. and finally now we can go to a social dance and actually not be completely bad, just mostly bad. This is getting fun.

The art class I teach- I did a video lesson of my class because we stayed home this last class, my kiddo was sick (again). Against my better judgement, I listened to my lesson and actually found I am more engaging of a person than I realized. I sound more serious in my head, much more uncertain, much deeper in tone, and just much older than I actually sound in person. It is a weird thing to listen to yourself on a recording. I expected to hate it, but instead I found that I am kind of fun, younger sounding and engaging and I understood so much about how people perceive me. My manor mismatches my actual personality some. So, people react in ways I don’t expect or intend. Now I understand why they do that, at least in part.

Other than dance and my class, life is itself going pretty well, my hubby has been in a good mood, I need to buckle down on a few things, but I’ve just been exhausted. I need to look at life and decide how to edit it.