Up All Night
2023-11-21 03:18:06 (UTC)

Ready for Thursday

Finished shopping for Thanksgiving dinner today. Bought a pumpkin pie and had it delivered along with a bunch of other stuff. I'm ready. The turkey is thawing in the fridge and will hopefully be ready by Thursday morning. I'm going to make some coffee Thursday morning, turn the TV to the channel Macy's parade is on, also, football game later. Put the turkey in the oven and start on.other stuff after I have my coffee in front of the TV. I'm making the banana pudding the night before along with some devilled eggs to keep on the fridge over night. I'm getting fatter just looking at all of it ...

Some guy asked me what my hobbies are earlier tonight. I wanted to tell him all my shit. Like. I haven't been doing any of them because I'm always tired. I just can't focus on any of them. It's not good. It's my shit. I don't even want my therapist to know I haven't been doing anything. Tomorrow I have plans to get up and shower, make coffee and read more of Fairy Tale
My IV nurse will be here at 4. I wasn't invited anywhere for Thanksgiving, so I assembled all the items myself and am going to cook on Thursday.


So, your hobby is holidays? Holiday Hobbys, Macy's on parade Turkey thawing out... I think you have it made! 😉