lonely and stupid bitch

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2023-11-20 21:15:52 (UTC)

I am Just jumping into Fiery ..

I am Just jumping into Fiery pit... Whatever.... Idk what will happen. I just gave him what he want.. Aghhhh fuck it

I agreed wid zee on being partners wid benefits. Can u imagine how much stupid I am ... Fuck fuck fuck. Idk why I agreed 😫😫😫.. just wanna kill myself. Wasting my time on rubbish again . And this time in new way . But at least I think it will get a hold on my online play ... I promised I won't do it wid anyone .. it's a good point. But I wanted his attention. And he is saying he is busy. I mean I know he is playing around still I am agreeing on his shit. I get men r trash . But I am a trash collector ig fucking stupid person