The Cryptic Library
2023-11-20 23:08:58 (UTC)


- 9:24 a.m. -
Finally, the last day of my first six-day work streak. May it be semi-easy. Things have been smooth for me all week, but the work has been tiring. So here's hoping today will be much the same.

Today's Dead by Daylight session was a good one. I only had one death out of five matches, and even had a decent chase against an Oni in the Lery's map. The bloodpoint grind feels horribly slow without any tome challenge progress, though.

Today's devotional is about joy and cheer. I'm not sure if I've ever experienced those...which probably means I haven't. I wouldn't know what true happiness feels like, as opposed to having fun doing your favorite activities. I remember the first year or so following my high school graduation. Dad listened to Dr. Laura Schlessinger's radio show every morning. I would listen along, mostly out of boredom, though I sure didn't enjoy it. Dr. Laura, as she was addressed by callers on the show, was one of those people who usually gave hard words of truth. There was one particular episode where a woman had called, and Dr. Laura had given her an assignment of sorts to name three things that made her truly happy. Like me, this woman couldn't quite grasp what true happiness was. She had managed to name one thing, which was her children. Then she was put on hold to think about the other two things while Dr. Laura continued her show. At one point, the woman was brought back on the air, and she named "shopping" as another thing that made her happy. But Dr. Laura said that was wrong; shopping is just another enjoyable activity and not a source of true happiness. Unfortunately, Dad and I had to leave the house for our daily routine, so I didn't get to hear if the woman ever came up with the other two things that made her happy. I had also thought that if it were me, I likely would have given up and hung up. I was at a very low point in my life at that time, probably the worse I've ever been. I was out of school, and I was glad for that, but I was lost without a clue of what to do with my life. It felt like I had no reason to be happy, and every reason to be unhappy. I'm in a much better spot now, but the journey to discover true happiness continues.

Another thing I remember from the Dr. Laura show was when she received a letter from a parent who used the show to teach their kids. The parents would give the kids $1 each if they could name one thing they learned from the show each day. I thought it was an interesting parenting trick. Not only did the kids earn a little money, but it helped them grow to become people of strong and wholesome character.

- 4:49 p.m. -
I got a pleasant surprise; my deposit came in a day early. I actually should have seen this coming, as I knew Thursday was a holiday. This works out perfectly for me. I can buy some things before I leave, including the two gallons of tea for our Thanksgiving dinner. I'm afraid those will fill my fridge, so I can't make any more beef/smokie chili until after Thanksgiving. I also need toilet paper, maxi pads, and paper plates and bowls. I'm just writing these down to help me remember.


You can probably Google that Dr. Laura episode for the results.... Did you get everything on your list?
I don't know if you can google episodes from a radio show. Even if I could, I don't know enough of the details, like the date...I don't think radio shows have episode titles either. And would you believe that I forgot to buy the toilet paper? T_T I've asked my brother to get some on the way home from his job.