beginning of something new
2023-11-21 02:23:44 (UTC)

chapter 10 - low phases in life

yesterday i shifted my place of work to a silent and peaceful place because for work concentration i needed more peace . it took some time to me to get used to that place . it's a beginning and decision of start from and then new start it are most difficult part of journey . once you start it with courage then journey not seems so hard . as a emotionally weak person with start of every new journey i have lot of questions in mind . nowadays am little sad but i know with time everything will be fine . but am so lucky that i have such supportive parents , friends and also have support of god with me . this pain am feeling nowadays is hurting me from inside but it's also important for me to be strong . there is always some hard times in our life and no0wadays am going through it hope am able to be strong and learn new experiences to handle such situation in future . but it's so painful right now not have enough words to describe it .