di's diary
2023-11-20 21:29:16 (UTC)

New life starting in...2 months

I'm ukrainian guy with unpopular opinion on what's going on in my country.
This is my memory about all events that were happening in Ukraine from the very beginning.
Why the title refers to a new life? In 2 months I'm going to Canada.
Can't stay here anymore. But I want to remember why I'm escaping. Why all this so terrific.
Apologies for my bad english, have lack of practice. Be patient, it would be improved, just a matter of time.

This story starts on February 24, 2022
It was 4 am when me and my gf heard explosions somewhere not far away. That time we didn't know that it's more than 10 miles from our home. Looking ahead, after 2 years we can understand what it was and how far. Quite ironic, init? First thing was to look at the news on Telegram. "Russia invades" title made us silent. We hadn't freaked out, or something like that. Somewhere in the very dark place of minds we did understand that war will start some day. That day we drove away that thought, but we knew that. In the morning, we took a nap. Thoughts were about "well, few days, and Russia will occupy our city, and everything would be fine. Like with Crimea".
Later on I found that many of my friends were thinking in the same way we did. What sarcasm. Second army of the world, they said.
First weeks nobody understood what was going on. Panic, leaving people. Borders were closed after the first 2 days. Can't get any USD cash from banks. Nowhere to hide, sitting home. Just doomed by scrolling through the news. It's even not so scary as many people think, you just sitting, waiting for missiles, invaders army, but still kept calm. There was nowhere to run, russians were everywhere. I think our mind tried to protect us from what would come. Games had helped me switch from that thoughts, but not too much. I used to be an avid reader, but since then, I haven't been able to read for six month. Only new, 3-4 hours every day.
First month of the war started.