Dream Scribe

2023-11-21 10:06:00 (UTC)

A More Relaxed Week.

Though life is busy for me as the year comes to an end, this week is one to remember with a thankful heart.
One of my feral boys (cats) is at the vet having his long awaited neuter surgery today being Tuesday. He also has been in a recent cat fight resulting in a horrible injury to a front leg. The bite marks have caused an abcess to form. Yesterday, being Monday, I got him in for a first consultation and the vet gave him both a painkiller and antibiotic via injection route. He told me to bring the animal back this morning for neuter surgery and a drain insertion for his leg. I only had $80.00 approximately left after the first consult yesterday and let the doctor know that. He was emphatic about getting this surgery done. Money became secondary. This kindly approach to animal husbandry especially where feral cats are concerned warms my heart. Last week I set up an account to hav automatic payments made weekly to my vet services until the bill is met in full. I'm so very grateful.
I talked to my feral cat long into the night last night and this morning as to why I was holding him in my home. He hated it. My princess cat hated him being inside with her. I loved it! Having him near me for the first and longest time in his life. He's approximately four years old now and he came for his first visit to my window when he was only three or four months old. This cat has won my heart. I love him dearly.

Life is rigorous but a little less so than it was at the beginning of September this year and even less so than it was this time last year.

Still, life goes on.

I've eaten breakfast in three small parts and now it's time for several hours sleep as I was up most of the night keeping the pacing, nervous cat calm.
He is due to be collected by me at 15:30 today and I will continue caring for him.

It's great to not have anything on this week, so's I can take care of some pressing chores and projects, tasks and jobs around the house.