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Amazingly, I survived my Life
2011-09-30 00:08:37 (UTC)


May- Childersburg, AL (continues)

(acerca de 1:34 P.M.) Creamed potatoes, English peas, a slice of ham, a cookie treat, and a roll: Substance ___ by organized religion.
Free of charge.
If only I could say as much as much for the substance provided by Winn-Dixie! That was $12.93.
There is now less than $106 in my checking account. I was able to get this far into 2007 without the help of my “rainy day” cash cache! It was a “rainy day” this morning so I suppose next week I will have to do what I have long dreaded.
It is best not to have “ambition” and “initiative” if they become the foundations of problems! Most external factors are much stronger than even the combined force of “ambition” and “initiative,” so save them for one’s personal aggrandisement: You’ll be much better off!
Does Joyce still think that I need the therapy of mowing her yard? It’s been a month since she “hired” me to do so! Or did she provide me with “pl_y,” trying to bribe me into not pursuing my challenging of C.A.C.C. and the two-year college system because her job is “on the line”?
The food items Joyce and granny sometimes deliver: I”m sure it’s granny’s “doing,” and not Joyce’s!
My Friday evening social life also included WASHINGTON WEEK (8-8:26 P.M., P.B.S.).
As if my penmanship is not bad enough under normal circumstances: My right eye is limiting my vision.
“Ain’t” that just great! That’s all a “scholar” needs!

(acerca de 3:54 P.M.) It is claimed that the “private” meeting that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had with her Syrian counterpart was more productive than the meeting House Speaker Pelosi had with Syrian officials: The former followed point-by-point the Bush administration “Diplomacy with Syria for Dummies,” whereas the latter was general, more independent.
It is said that the Bush administration is one of the more disciplined administrations in history.
But that king of “discipline” stiffles “creativity,” which is what the Bush administration is sorely lacking!
Joyce considers herself the self-appointed manager of the “family”: I was to live my life according to the rules of the “family.” Only __ separating myself from the “family” was I able to be “creative” with living. So I separated myself from the “family,” which wasn’t a hard thing to do, considering my status in it!
The Bush administration “discipline” made Iraq a mess, Joyce’s “discipline” towards me is resulting in disclosure after disclosure of years of abuse and mis-management in the two-year college system!
Is it a co-incidence, or has “family” discipline led to the system’s failings? After all, the system has been found to be inundated by nepotism!
If not for the breeze, Deah would be “floored” by the mid-80⁰’s (F)! It seems Rain left Heat behind before hurrying away, so that It (Rain) would not have to deal with It (Heat)!
Overcast is saving the area for Rain, if It decides to visit again, a real distinct possibility.
Pat Buchanan (?), one of the “group” of THE MCLAUGHLIN GROUP (8-8:56 P.M., P.B.S.), stated, yesterday evening, what I have long believed: That this country wasn’t founded on “equality”! As a founding principle, “equality” came long after the fact!

(acerca de 6:02 P.M.) Other than it not being considered “Christianity,” people that fear the potential presidency of Mitt Romney will be managed by the Mormon Church surely realize that any candidate and president are controlled by some non-democratic group, many much worse than Salt Lake City!
The historical rumor is that organized crime was the real power when John Kennedy was president. Big Business had Teddy Roosevelt on a “string.”
I still am amazed that Steve Holt is so anti-Romney solely because he (Romney) is a Mormon, and not because he (Romney) is a reactionary Republican!
Jonathan Miller was interviewed on the episode of BILL MOYERS’ JOURNAL (9-10:00 P.M., P.B.S.) that Alabama Public Television aired yesterday evening. The formally-trained psychiatrist and member of the long-ago British Comedy ensemble “Beyond The Fringe” has a mini-series on P.B.S., THE HISTORY OF DISBELIEF (although don’t count on Alabama Public Television allowing it on the airwaves).
There is no name for people that don’t believe in ghosts! Why should sensible people have to abide by the label “atheists,” simply because we don’t believe in the “Ghost of all Ghosts”?
It is a proven fact that the declaration of Iraq buying uranium from Niger (in Africa) that was in the 2003 State of the Union address and justified the Iraq invasion, was knowingly forged by an Italian intelligent agent. Though was it fake intelligence, or planted by al-Qaeda to “lure” the United States into Iraq, a dream scenario of the terrorists? If so, then the history of the first decade of the 21st century, when compiled in a hundred years will reveal the unknowingly complicity of the Bush Administration with the terrorists!
I did not watch BILL MOYERS’ JOURNAL in its entirity: Only about forty minutes of it!

(acerca de 7:30 P.M.) One must “program” the body specifically for Dance, football, swimming, gymnastics, etc. A dancer hasn’t trained her/his muscles for football, and vice versa.
It’s all about “muscle memory”!
It’s the same with the brain/mind: As previously stated, each author requires a unique reading style to match the writing style of the author.
This is especially true when shifting from literature to philosophy!
Damn if I can make sense of the debate between Bertrand Russell and F.C. Copleston in 1948 on “The Existence of God”! Though maybe I’m not expected to without having read philosophy for years in preparation.
It’s basic Cognitive science. It’s what speed-reading is: Once familiar with the “tone” of an author and/or subject-matter, one no longer has to study every word, or even all the letters in a word!
If employment forced me to be a specialist, I, too, could develop the ability of “instant analysis” and speed-reading!
George W. Bush is not a good speaker, no one will dispute that! He’s not the “Orator-in-Chief,” that’s for sure!
But I have to “hand” it to him: In a recent speech explaining his ___ of “time tables” for troop-withdrawal from Iraq, he pronounced the capital of Iran as it should be said. “TAY ron,” not “TEAR ron”!
I have always claimed that George H.W. Bush only won the presidency in 1988, because many people wanted Ronald Reagan for a third term. And wouldn’t you know it: The current consensus is that such is true!
I ended my week with THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN (10:35-11:35 P.M., C.B.S.), THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO (10:35-11:35 P.M., N.B.C.), and JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE (11:06 P.M.-12:05 A.M., A.B.C.).

(6th, About 9:37 A.M.) Surely “you” can figure out that today is 5-6-7!
Rain struck early this morning, like a coward when most people were asleep!
Joyce, among many, many others, has no idea how to “help” someone, except as her own therapy! There must be a partnership between the “helper” and “helpee.” None of this superiority bullshit!
That’s the problem with the Baha’i “Each one, Teach one” and the Mormon two-year missionary! Both attempt “conversion” solely for what converting supposivey does for the converter. The “convertee” is just a “means to an end” for the converter.
When in reality, the “helpee” should be brought up to par with the helper, and then the helpee can decide the validity of the “God” product.
Numbers shouldn’t be the prime concern of the “missionary”!
Instead of a partnership with me, Joyce “sold” me to Voc Rehab and C.A.C.C. as a pathetic mental handicap! One would think that she would have seen my Master’s degree as an entry to the power structure of C.A.C.C., as Eric McLain was hoping to use Southern Union Community College to increase his so-called “power”! As it may be turning out, Joyce has lost any influence that she may have had at C.A.C.C.! And it serves her right!

(acerca de 10:21 A.M.) Most people are not surprised at the disclosures of dysfunctionality of the two-year college system! No one “took” the two-year college in Alabama, seriously in the first place! That’s why most people don’t waste their time and energy following what was inevitable!
I should have been warned about the two-year college by the way: Beverly Bower, the “instructor” of that “Teaching in the Two-year College” course (summer 1998) responded to my e-mails including “raison d’etre” and a “threat” of complaint to her superiors!
Alabama has too many “Beverly Bowers” in the system, that’s the problem!
A.B.C. WORLD NEWS (5:30-6:00 P.M.) and N.B.C. NIGHTLY NEWS (about 5:50-6:00 P.M.) encapsulated my “Cinco de Mayo,” yesterday.
A female African American, Beverly Bowers (?) knew that F.S.U. would be reluctant to dismiss her. She had no business in education.
There are many involved in the system in addition to Andy Jordan that have no business in education! The federal government can only do so much, and Alabama won’t do anything!
Joyce shouldn’t be in education! I blame Ronnie for o’kaying her! It only shows that Ronnie Harkins spent over twenty years doing more harm than good!

(acerca de 11:39 A.M.) Women are quick to state, “We are pregnant!” in order to convince the father that he is, indeed, an equal parent and is obliged to take financial responsibility. But once the baby is borned, things quickly changed: The woman insist on being the head parent, managing the child’s life, only allowing input from the father if she decides.
Is it any wonder that the man abandons his family, and “shirks” child support? And even though I am never for domestic violence, I can well understand how frustration at attempting to be an equal parent can manifest itself in a bestisl way!
Should the father have a “say-so” in abortion? I think so, but then again maybe not!ma
i remember the nurse at the office of Dr, Stock commenting on my "rusty ears":. Uncleaned behind-the-ear area. If I repeated that era of my life in today's "climate," granny would be guilty of child neglect!'
The therapist at Cheaha Mental Health questioned the lateness in life that I received hearing aids. And I haven't even started a de-constuction of m y up-bringind
i am able to watched LAW & ODER (9-10:00 P.M., N.B.C.) on Saturday evenings, since my Friday evenings - LAW & ORDER normal air time - is monopolized by new programming on public television.
Does LAW & ORDER bring in more money than either of the "siblings"(...SVU and ...CRIMINAL INTENT)? One or the other of the "kid". is usually on Saturday evening,

( acerca de 25a7 P.M.) Deah and I went on the park outing eiarlier than usual. Deah was enjoying the breeze seducing her body.
She was "behaving" until a "herd" of Baptists violated the day with a post-church picnic. Probably an "extended" family, the group didn't express "Christian love" (mainly because there is no such thing; in fact non-Christian love is much better for society)!
However, the smell of food "drew" Deah to the group! Eventually I had to physically remove her from the park!
Damn if I want my "child" to be perverted by that of mind set! It was bad enough that several children were included in the group (human children)!
All this talk about mental and/or emotional child abuse in a child's upbringing! But no one considers the harm do to a person by religious indocrination!
The opposing "opened" windows provide entrance into the apartment for a much-needed stream of air! Deah benefits by lying on the floor with her body aimed at each window.
In addition to viewing the "final" minutes of one collection of MONTY PYTHON FLYING CIRCUS (10-10:30 P.M., P.B.S.), I was able to study British Humour with a more excellent example from 10:30 to 11:00 P.M.

(acerca de 6:50 P.M.) The day hasn't been as exciting as I would have liked it to have been, but neither has it been a disappointment! It has been just a ___ Sunday!
The mid-90-degree (F), sunny, and, as I said earlier, breezy. Not an exceptional day weather-wise, either, which wasn'"t the case in Kansas yesterday! Greenville (Greenberg?) was attack by Divine terrorism on the scale of "9/11": A tornado.
How do Christians justify "God" destroying churches?
"Forgive Him, Father, for He knows what He does!" What kind of excuse will the Christians find for "God" this time?
I watch the "News Cap___" from SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (10:30-midnight, N.B.C.) yesterday evening. That' s about all I can "stand" of the so-called comedy!

(7,th About 10:24 A.M.) Central Alabama may be a couple of thousands miles from Kansas in human miles, but for a tornado, it's only a "giant step"!
The tornado that devastated southwest Kansas this past weekendhad wind force of over 200 miles an hour. The fact that that area is being violated by wind: why, it's only the "outer edge" of the storm! At least I hope it is!
i assisted Gerty in painting the picnic table that serves "D," this morning. Gerty gave me a ten-dollar check mad e out to Winn-Dixie, for the 2-hour job. Supposively I will have no trouble in the transaction with the "food hide-out." That remains to be seen.
i am having a hard time with my right eye. Under normal circumstances, my penmanship "sucks": It's even worse with only my left eye completely functional!

(acerca de 1:07 P.M,) Granny would rub our dog's nose in a pile of crap or a puddle of pee-pee, whenever the dog would have an "accident" in the house.
If "you" got to go, "you" got to go!
if granny did such a cruel thing to an animal, can "you" expect proper care for a human child?
Deah "dropped a load" in the living room, near the front door, while I was painting. That's what triggered the "flashback"!
I withdrew ten dollars from Superior Bank, via the A.T.M., this morning. Then I went for a pack of cigarettes
No article in "The Birmingham News" concerning abuse of the two-year college system, but as I was returning to the apartment, I saw a "C.A.C.C." pick-up go to Grove Park.
The C.A.C.C. pick-up that Eric had modified with a ladder carrier.
Lunch time or not, that vehicle had no business using taxpayers' money for gasoline to travel to a non-C.A.C.C. site! Hell, Milt shouldn't even be using the van for his personal trips (Hardee's, Post Office, etc)!
A.B.C. WORLD NEWS (5:30-6:00 P.M.) and N.B.C. NIGHTLY NEWS (5:30-6:00 P.M.): The "war" isn't getting any "better," I'm afraid! The troop "surge" only made it possible for more American forces to be killed, as we all know!

(acerca de 4:25 P.M.) The "D.V.D." and "free" world map from "National Geographic" arrived via the post this afternoon. The "D.V.D." will return to "National Geographic" tomorrow!
The world map will remain with me!
Discussing possible home remedies with Judy and other ladies - they were before "B" or "C" - I "learned" that I may have a draining gland, located "behind" the lower shutter of my right eye. A visit to the eye doctor? Not with my funds "earmarked" for food, rent, bills, and Deah's care!
I suppose now that I don't have insurance, my body will "break down." Oh well,c'est la vie!
What would a "shot" do that Time can't, except to cheat Time of ___ best!
Accompanied by my "pay check" for the painting this morning, I added check for $9.18 for a "load" from Winn-Dixie. My health is secondary to eating. Or I should say, my health is contingent on eating!
Catfish noodlers actually watch public television? I "caught" the "tgail end" - "noodling" is fishing by hand - of OKIE NOODING (8:30 [?]-9:00 P.M.,P.B.S.), or some such program, yesterday evening.
Actually, noodling - fishing by hand - is the only fair way to fish: It gives the fish an even chance, levelling the playing field, you might say!

(acerca de 5:29 P.M.) Contrary to Lloyd's claim, the exterior latex paint that went on the picnic tables - the same paint that covers the outer surfaces of these apartments - does not wash off with water. Exterior paint shouldn't, due to rain, which is what, water?
The low-70-degrees (F), solely because of Wind. Wind blew the Clouds from the gorgeous blue sky!
However, Phoebus was, and is, able to remain in place; Wind has been like a "bellows," boosting the Celestial Fireball.
The "H-1" lady fed Deah twice: Once on Esther Williams Lane, and then again on the street before "H-1."
I was given four dog biscuits at the former location.
Steve asked asked the question that we all want to know: Why did Childersburg, AL, have the pretension-ness to rob Esther Williams, a great swimmer, of her dignity? All I can say is that, at one time, Esther Williams Lane was a route to the city swimming pool.
Not yesterday evening's "Bleak House" (9-11:00 P.M.), but last Sunday's MASTERPIECE THEATRE's (P,B.S.) adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel, featured a production "no-no" that probably not many viewers noticed: "George" is in the office of "Mr. Tulkinghorn," and "Mr. Smallweed" is to the former's right and rear, in a corner. The same allignment occurs several scenes later. Of course, the two "visits" were filmed one after the other, but one would think that the director, or somebody, would have changed allignment! What are the odds of standing the same position relative to a door, two times, supposively separated by several days?
I failed to "pick up" on the major role played by "Mr. Skimpole," the first time that I watched the mini-series. "Mr. Skimpole" wants people to accept him as a "child," but that is only a "cover" for his venality: He is a "double agent," for sale to the highest bidder, with no loyalties! (continued)