2023-11-20 19:27:49 (UTC)

We're you watching this morning

What a emotionally charged morning.
It began when 2 of my 4 dogs got into a fight, I don't mean rough house or attitude check behavior I'm talking one of them were going to die. By myself I could only manage to grab the base of the tail and pull her away, only to find the other dog continuing and moving forward. Yelling for help and trying the best I could to get control of the situation. My pleasure for help were answered unable to control the 2nd dog and she is good at this she reached for the sprayer. My goodness when we thought it was over the 2nd male came to her defense and began fighting where they left off.
Frazzled , exhausted ,disappointed and clueless to what provoked such extreme behavior I reached out to my husband explaining the scene and looking for suggestions on how to manage all 4 until his return. This scene was so intense once the main dog was separated and isolated in another area I am worried to bring them back together as 4. My husband only had comments that I caused this, it's my fault. ** if you wonder where he got his answer his determination is because the female is with me 78% of the time. Outside when I smoke, in my room if relaxing and once in a while I'll bring her with me to run errands***
His fingerpointing lead to me becoming even more emotional- which is not good for the dogs I know this trying to take myself down a notch, my daughter comes out of her room telling me my emotional attitude is not good for the dogs, I told her please stop I just got that from him for 30 min please stop I know. She kept on. I again ask 3 more time stop so I can calm she passes by me she chose to again repeat herself- I lost it- I pushed her. She pushed me back, knowing I deserved it I let it go, she started up again and pushed me 3 more times, on the last push I looked at her and said does that feel good? Are you done? I have always warned my kids when I was reaching my tolerance limit 3 of them get it.... she always pushes a little more which results in my reacting. Honestly think to yourself. If someone told you don't say that again, is it in your heart to find out what's gonna happen if they ask you not to say it again? And I say it multiple times multiple chances.
The next scene went on throughout the house that if you were watching you would have saw was me looking like a crazy woman in all these strange places. I lost the center keys when I get highly emotional. I guess I don't pay attention and I can put things down. And I will never remember where I put them down. I can't recall when I'm in the heat of the moment so I'm still looking for a set of keys that I have now lost. Can't wait to hear what my husband says about that.