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2023-11-20 17:38:57 (UTC)

Homeless Update

Our house hunt has come to an end as we found a house but, sharing. We are going to live in a sharing house with 3 people. Obviously Ours is upgraded with bigger bedroom, private washroom and a walk in closet, while we will share living and kitchen space. others tenants are form my home country so i am quite relieved that there wont be any restrictions on cooking. So we opted for sharing because no one was giving us a full apartment as A sal is low and I am not employed so I finally thought lets downgrade little bit on our demands and comfortness and opt for options which are within our reach.
We hustled a lot in past few weeks, packing and hopping from one Airbnb to another, Packing is such a tiring task I must say, cleaning the space where we lived, and moving boxes and bags from here and there, no meal son time and dealing with all these struggles while controlling our emotions. Diwali was Zero, my courier was delivered terribly late so just couldn't do anything for diwali except getting ready because I wanted to shoot a video. we went on job field search in 2 malls found nothing all were hired for the season. I felt so helpless and miserable. Amid this chaos I feel so tired mentally and physically as well, I believe by now I just wanted it all and should have been ideally settled. but we both are starting it off now. We have so much to do, House kids trips, save money, look after our parents. anyways So the good news is that we bought a car Mazda cx5 gt A was so happy he wanted to buy from long time and it was the time because our car was old and needed many repairs. A also got a new phone and he is planning to buy me an Iphone maybe today. I can shoot better videos for self.
This was the update so far... ill be back soon with a new update byeee...