Pandoras box
2023-11-20 12:05:13 (UTC)

I miss you so...

I'm still in love with you. I realized that. I regret letting you go. But I couldn't help it. It's too late now. I don't have the courage to beg you to take me back. I guess you won't anyway. I will just have to suffer in silence. I miss you so, Your caring ways. I leave everything to God now. If it is meant to be. it will be.
I did not feel this way when he disappeared. When we separated for almost a year. When he left without saying goodbye after being with him for almost 17 years. But he is a part of me, my life. He showed me love, just like you did. But I was not happy, the way I was when I was with you. He said he loved me thousands of times. You never did. You refused to, until we met in person. That hurt me. It scared me too.