London Life
2023-11-20 09:55:13 (UTC)


Sun 19/11/2023
We had a two-hour cuddle, listening to The Now Show and two episodes of Steve Rochards’ podcast, then I went on a run to make up my km quota for the week. I had been going to volunteer at Junior ParkRun, but they told me the volunteer slots were full. The other person who’d signed up also disappeared from the site; maybe he'd had the same reply.

I did a lunchtime run to make my quota for the week, avoiding the canal as it’s so busy on a Sunday. We listened to new music for a bit – a track by Bag Of Cans track is turning into an earworm. Then we did some leafletting around a council estate for a new food/social session at St Pancras Community Centre.

We had a choice between going for a roast at the Bull & Gate or at the Lighterman. I think Jack was keener on the latter, so we sat outside in a covered area. There are some new trees in a planter in Granary Square. We had a decent butternut squash but didn’t get any Yorkshire Pudding this time, as they hadn’t got the vegan type.

Jack was hoping to get a light at Waitrose, as the one in our bathroom has been flicking on and off for a few weeks, but we just came out with some reduced-price sourdough bread, even though I’d just bought some from the Canopy market.

We went for a coffee in the Everyman, looked up what films were on and found out that ‘Saltburn’ was playing at 17:15, very handy. We bought the last two tickets, which were in the front row but the view was fine. The film was about a working-class lad at Oxford, who befriends a very posh bloke and spends the summer at his stately home, two of the family being played by Richard E Grant and Carey Mulligan.

It was maybe a bit over-the-top in some of the dialogue for the upper-class family, but it kept me interested and although the pacing was uneven, there was some good moments, and some (rushed) revelations at the end. The main actor (Barry Keoghan) was clearly too old for the part though.

The film was set in 2006/07 so had a decent soundtrack including Arcade Fire, MGMT and Bloc Party.