The Life Of Scar Girl

The Life Of Scar Girl
2023-11-20 05:44:34 (UTC)

First Big Holiday: Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is this week already. And let's see.. What do i have to be thankful for??? The only thing im thankful for is that i have a roof over my head and food to put in my stomach..its a shame that its all provided by my mother of course.

- Otherwise: I'm a 36 year old year loser who can't even achieve things in life, because I'm always battling health problems. Can't even work right now or live on my own because of my health and have to rely on my mom for everything. I have never had a real friend that's been there for me. Im always the one that's there for people. Im too sick and ugly to ever be in a relationship and or get married....cause let's be real no one is going to want to help me or be there for me. Nobody in my personal life seem to care at all that i could have almost died in a car accident after having two major surgeries back in January. So not thankful for family not even my bitch younger sister sent me a text saying she's glad that i was ok and i survived. Never had a real career, and even if i tried to move up in a company they always promoted the lazy fucking co workers who did nothing but kiss the boss's ass.

So ya... Im so "thankful" for this ugly shitty body that ive been given that can't work full time to support myself. Or have any real accomplishments in life because the universe hates me.

And if there is a God when my judgement day comes im giving him the middle finger. Cause FUCK THAT DUDE.