2023-11-13 19:26:02 (UTC)

house tour.. but a sad day

A windy day. Me and my employer go to their new build house.. They ask me if it's good I say . But the problem is, it's bigger than the old house.. I hope I can go home before they transfer. For I think I can't manage to clean it . unlike the old one it's small..I'm also sad today because my daughter can't still go to school for her cough is not yet healed. Her history of acute broncho pnuemonia is back again. I'm always scared when it occurs ,i don't want my daughter to stay in the hospital again. She already has a phobia of blood and syringe..Hope she will get well soon, so she can go to school again.. And also today the school announce that they have practice of drum and lyre . but she can't attend, she is sad she wanted to go.. But I said recover first.