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Amazingly, I survived my Life
2011-09-30 00:08:36 (UTC)


May- Childersburg, AL (continues)

(acerca de 4:24 P.M.) Recently, Deah had been grazing like a goat, eating “holes” in the ground. Is she eating dirt for the minerals?
The first time I noticed such a dietary policy was 2-3 weeks ago, as I was in conversation with Alice (E-2). According to Alice, eating dirt causes constipation. Such is an erroneous country belief like going barefooted cause flat feet! Or tickling of a baby’s foot or feet results in stuttering!
I have a place to stay this month, anyway: I paid the forty-one-dollar rent so that Deah would not be homeless.’
Me? I can make it on the “streets,” but Deah never asked to live with me and shouldn’t have to suffer for my “failure”!
What a way to begin a reign: The lower-80⁰’s (F)! Breeze ameliorate the “pain” somewhat, but Phoebus makes it worse!
I doubt if Cold will be able to overcome Heat when the latter puts out this much, until October! Two months without Cold? What have we done to deserve that?
I gathered THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO (10:35-11:35 P.M., N.B.C.), THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN (10:35–11:35 P.M., C.B.S.), and JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE (11:06 P.M.-12:05 A.M., A.B.C.) together before I ended Month IV yesterday.
May Day! I need help in securing employment! Judy (landlady) re-read the official letter from C.A.C.C., stating monetary shortfall as the reason for my termination.
I have no doubt that Judy is just as anxious as I am that I get a job as soon as possible! The USDA, who sponsors Wood Arms/Childersburg Estates, may be asking questions about my “lay-off”!

(2nd, About 8:26 A.M.) After studying Charles Dickens for over four weeks, I can’t be expected to suddenly “shift gears” and read another writer! It takes time to figure out how to deal with the “new” writer: Her/his tempo, rhythum, syntax, etc.
That’s why a specialist is able to de-construct in such detail: authors of the same literary “period” were “slaves” to the readership of that particular time, and the “expert” enters into a “trance,” so to speak, allowing her or him to pick up detail that a “normal” person wouldn’t even give a second look!
I read E.M. Forster’s “The Road from Colonus” yesterday evening. In the “best of times,” Forster is not easy reading. But “jumping” from Charles Dickens to E.M. Forster without any type of preparation? Only a fool would do that!

(acerca de 10:12 A.M.) The thing about democracy is that it is so weak that it must be constantly “boosted.”
Very few people cared about the two-year college system in this state (or any state, for that matter). That was the reason the “movers and shakers” in the system mis-managed it for so many years: If no one cared, why should the two-year college system worry with democracy, an “element” that takes effort to counter, and the natural tendency of all systems to degenerate into chaos! Not that the concern factor is much improved, but at least the public has been made aware of the mis-management via Brett Blackledge’s reporting in “The Birmingham News,” as well as national disclosures.
I sent a letter to the editor, via my Hotmail account, to “The Birmingham News,” paraphrasing the Christian Grand Poopah: “This should be a House of Learning; but you have made it a Den of Venality and Syncophancy!” If published, the “anti-Christian” comment may well activate the Bible Belt and force the hands of Christians, who will want to apply Christian principles to the state government, especially the followers of Roy Morre.
Monday morning I remember being “invaded” by the “notice” that all e-mails are published. Was I worried about my previous ones being "ignored"?
Renee Culverhouse, the interim chancellor, is “hunting” ways not to have a “hot line” telephone reporting system for the abuses people discover in the two-year college system.
Lobbyists for the “power-grabbers” at the Board of Education are fighting back and ___ the bill before the legislature that would prohibit “double dipping,” the practice of two-year college system employees from serving in the legislature. The bill is long overdue.
The lobbyists receive over $150,000 in taxpayers’ money.
I purchased a $2.25 pack of cigarettes from the convenient store on the highway.
I watched about thirty minutes of THE NEWSHOUR WITH JIM LEHRER (6-6:56 P.M., P.B.S.) yesterday evening.
The Iraq war is a business deal, not a “democratization” project any longer, if it ever was! No wonder George W. Bush doesn’t want the occupation to end!

(acerca de 11:17 A.M.) A “sty” on my right eye is making reading and writing difficult. Given the transfer of uncleaned fingers to scratch my eye, I had a feeling last week that a “sty” would result!
The office of United States Attorney, Alice Martin - Birmingham and Huntsville - is controlling the investigations of the two-year college system. I have the address(s) in case I feel the need to go that “far up” with my challenges.
The second line of “The Road from Colonus” by E.M. Forster contains “. . . reaching the age at which independence becomes valuable, because it is so soon to be lost.” Is that what’s happening to me?

(acerca de 1:15 P.M.) I recall a “gag” male that professed to be a Mormon, travelling with Carson and Barnes Circus in 1975. Was he a “clown”?
The Mormon Temple (?) is “behind” the stadium in Tallahassee, FL. I was “encouraged,” by Tallmadge Guilliard, to seek genealogical information, or something, at the L.D.S. establishment.
This was 1997 or 1998.
“Family” gossip had it that my paternal aunt, Gladys, was cared for by Mormons.
I watched the second installment (and final) of “The Mormons” (8-9:54 P.M., P.B.S.) - not “Mormonism” that FRONTLINE and AMERICAN EXPERIENCE got together and decided that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is being unfairly criticized for his religion, just as John Kennedy (Catholic) was, and wanted to show that Mormonism is not worse or better than any other religion, yesterday evening.
The emphasis on ancestor-worship among the American Indian undoubtedly influenced Joseph Smith.
Making everyone a Mormon after death: A simple self-delusion by mis-guided people!

(acerca de 3:50 P.M.) I could be meglomanical, delusional and state that one person can make a difference, that some people are not replaceable.
Would Alabama had done anything to its two-year college system if I hadn’t come “around” when I did, with Master’s degree by my side? If C.A.C.C. had treated me humanly, would I be motivated to challenge the system?
I need the life-enhancing focus! Of course, I haven’t actually played any part in the reform movement, but there is nothing else but You, Journal, for me to expend my energy on!
“The Mormons” get kind of “preachy” in Part II, so I inter-rupted the watching for about 10-15 minutes: a cigarette “break”!
$8.61 at Winn-Dixie: I only wish the E.I.C. check would come so I can keep my savings account intact a little while longer!
A fan would help! I rather not “waste” money on air conditioning, buy these mid-80⁰’s (F) days, as it is today, are rough on Deah! I can always “get naked,” but she can’t remove her heavy coat!
The windows in the living room and kitchen are opened, and a breeze permeates the apartment.
Phoebus has been no more than two-thirds active, today!
On the other hand, it was graduate school that “inspired” me to challenge C.A.C.C.! If I must be trapped in Childersburg, AL, I’ll be damned if I am further insulted by the likes of Andy Jordan and Eric McLain!
If not for Joyce, I probably wouldn’t have four years at C.A.C.C. If not for Joyce, I probably could have had a career at C.A.C.C. And there’s the dilemma!
THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN (10:35-11:35 P.M., C.B.S.), THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO (10:35-11:35 P.M., N.B.C.), and JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE (11:06 P.M.-12:05 A.M., A.B.C.): B.B.C. WORLD NEWS is too “American”!

(acerca de 7:5_ P.M.) The late former Beatle, John Lennon, wrote and recorded a song, “Imagine,” a perfect song for non-theism.
Steve and I were discussing my agnostic status during his recent pre-visit telephone contact. A line in “Imagine” states, “. . . and no religion, too.”
Steve swore that fundamental Christians have changed that part of the song to “and one religion, too.”
I don’t think so! The entire song would have to be re-written to conform to fundamental Christianity! And that I don’t think can be legally done!
I suppose if I was stuck in a life with a woman like Mary Holt, I would be desperate to feel intellectually “whole,” too! I no longer mind being used by Steve as escapism!
Andy Jordan is like Karl Rove in one respect: Andy has somehow managed to be protected from legal action and/or “employment dis-ruption”! Though if Andy didn’t have his mother’s protection, he wouldn’t be allowed within five miles of a two-year college!
One of the elements, if not the main element, that makes BOSTON LEGAL a “stand-out” is that “Denny Crane” (William Shatner) employs satire and tongue-in-cheek in order to articulate social commentary.
In a recently-aired episode, “Denny” tells an African American male that he doesn’t “sound Black.”
But when Richard Pereles criticized the actor for not “sounding Black,” Richard was not being funny! He was being his normal ignorance, smart-ass self!
Th__ was 1993 in Louisville, KY, that apartment on the Southside (Oklalonia?).
According to speech therapy codes, James Earl Jones is a stutterer! Such a designation for someone with a beautiful speaking voice is probably to give hope to the chronic stutterer!
Another load of laundry; there may be an end in sight, if I become homeless this summer!

(3rd, About _:25 A.M.) I was carrying, slung over my right shoulder, a tote bag of clothes, when I went to the laundry room early yesterday evening.
Two male teen-agers were bicycling between “D” and “E.” One yelled at me, asking if I was a “doctor” (or at least I think he asked that; I was hearing aid-less). I replied “no,” then pointed to the laundry.
The kids rode “down” to Childersburg Estates “drive,” and were “cruising” the field between “H” and “I.”
When I got back to the apartment from leaving the clothes in a washing machine, I notified the police via telephone. Supposively, the female dispatcher radioed for a patrol person to drive “through” this area. However, the teens were still on campus in 30-35 minutes!
Did the police not respond? Did the kids defy orders?
Are the kids grandsons of a resident of Wood Arms or Childersburg Estates?
The teens were two of a “pack” of “invaders” that a policeman “hunted,” as I was walking Deah to the park, several months ago!
What difference did it make if the kids are white or African American? And I told the dispatcher such after she had asked me the “race” of the kids!
Judy (the landlady) and I has discussed David Dunlap’s defiance of the law - unsupervised burning, burning of rubber tires - Tuesday afternoon. Judy feels strongly that B.J. Meeks, the mayor, would support David Dunlap, simply because David is on the council, in spite of the fact that the mayor’s father resides in “B-6” (“B-4?) Or maybe because of that!

(acerca de 10:02 A.M.) Assuming my Earned Income Credit doesn’t arrive this week, I can still survive without disturbing my savings account untill the early part of next week. It’s the three bills - water, power, and telephone - that will make the “call-up” necessary!
If the pace of computers are affected by the heat and global warming all but certain, then the technological-dependent portion of the world faces a lot off problems! This is what I told Melissa at the bank when she excused the slowness of her computer due to the heat. Although she may have been joking, and, if not, one can not judge the status of technology by Superior Bank in Childersburg, AL!
As if isn’t already happening, George W. Bush’s threatening to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by transferring money from other programs and agencies if Congress denies funding or includes timetables as a condition of funding!
The Bush administration is bound and determined to bankrupt the country, just as the terrorists want! As I told Steve, it’s unfortunate, but Congress has no choice but to “play along” with Mr. Bush for twenty or so months remaining in his presidency! A lot of people can be killed in that time - as the young John Kerry stated before a Congressional committee in the early-1970’s concerning the Viet nam war, “Who will be the last person to die for a mistake?” - and take possible legal action against a private citizen George W. Bush!
No wonder vice president Dick Cheney never intended to try for the presidency: His bellicose mis-management would have made him unelectable!
Kevin Costner’s THE POSTMAN, a film about the demise of the United States: The movie may have the unintended consequences of be prophetic!
Opium-production is supporting the post-Taliban Afghanistan. The United States and other western countries are appalled and critical that the drug also funds terrorism. But if not for tobacco, the Jamestown colony would not have survived and evolved into the United States of America.
Tobacco, too, funded terrorism: Slavery.
My viewing of THE NEWSHOUR WITH JIM LEHRER (6-6:56 P.M., P.B.S.) was interrupted by my delivery of a load of clothes to a washing machine and my telephone contact to the police. It was about a ten-minute “break.”

(acerca de 1:_7 P.M.) Meteorological semiotics: That’s what I call weather in novels that parallels and emphasizes the story line and characterization. Charlies Dickens’ “Bleak House” is a good example of “meteorological semiotics”!
I have already, I think, explained to “you” that Charles Dickens was a business first, a writer second. He is one of several “archtypal” authors: For that’s what writing for a living is! One markets a product, and that “product” happens to be words!
I don’t want to find humor in tragedy, but yesterday’s NEWSHOUR reported, in its Honor Roll of service people killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, that a male from Bad Axe, Michigan, died on one of the wars. Bad Axe or Bad Ass?
What does one call a person from Bad Axe, anyway?
Is the Catholic Church anti-Mormon? I’m sure it is, and, given the “sensationalism” of the Catholic religion, it has no business being critical of Mormonism!
MEDIUM (9-10:00 P.M., N.B.C.) was my choice of background television yesterday evening as I snacked on Key Lime Pie Ice Cream and yogurt.

(acerca de 3:57 P.M.) I shouldn’t have covered Deah with flea powder until she and I returned from the park: the lessened impact of the “vermin” (?) energized Deah, and made her want to gambol in the park longer than usual!
That, plus the breeze commissioned by the day! A moderating force against the army of the low-80⁰’s (F).
It seems Phoebus’ sole function today has been, and is, to heat up Heat for Phoebe! I had to open the bedroom window late yesterday evening to allow Cool Air to subdue some of the Heat!
I received my state tax refund of $26. Just in time to pay the $20.4_ Water and sewage bill, and the $39.46 rent for telephone service.
$39.46 to have my privacy invaded by telemarketers!
I also received by post a request by the I.R.S. to clarify the amended federal tax form that I submitted in March via Form 1040X: the I.R.S. was sent a record of the income tax that the Retirement System deducted from my closed account with it, as well as Superior Bank notifying the I.R.S. of interest my accounts acumulated in 2006.
The I.R.S. knows about the interest on my Nelnet student loan long before I formerly told the I.R.S. via Form 1040X! Though I thought to be nice and “remind” I.R.S, of this “extra” income and indebtedness! Damn if I will ever again! This will be my third filing!
If the citizens of Alabama would “raise hell,” as the citizens of the United States are doing about the health care service at Walter Reed and other military hospitals, about the mis-management of the two-year college system, the situation would quickly improve! But as long as the “power players” think they can get away with abusing the system, they will!
THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN (10:35-11:35 P.M., C.B.S.), THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO (10:35-11:35 P.M., N.B.C.), and JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE (11:06 P.M.-12:05 A.M., A.B.C.): _ f___ find myself laughing a time or two!

(4th, About 8:33 A.M.) I shouldn’t let something that happened nearly nine years ago “bother” me! You remember: I told “you” about it!
It was 1998 and I was living on North Delview Drive in Tallahassee, FL.
I received a “preachy” letter from Linda, stating how comfortable she is in the Catholic religion.
I am all but certain that Joyce asked Linda to try and convert me to the “Lord,” thinking that religion would “cure” me.
Sibling inference; Joyce won’t admit that organized religion and “family unity” only makes things worse for me!

(acerca de 10:20 A.M.) If “you” recall, I “escaped” from Tallahassee in May 1999 to Joyce’s house without having made prior arrangements. Was C.A.C.C. “payback”?
Leslie told me that granny was critical of the uninvited extended visit. All this time I thought it was granny being her usual “unfit” motherness. But now I wonder if she was only ref___ting what Joyce had said!
“The few, the proud . . .”: If not for the 2% or so of the American people that “oversee” democracy, it would not be allowed to set foot in the United States! The vast majority of the people in “charge” want nothing to do with democracy! In fact, th__ 98% or so feels that democracy gets in the way and is destroying the country!
Most democracy advocates are not in the military, supposively fighters for democracy. For if that was so, women would be in combat; there would be no “Don’t ask, don’t tell” restrictions on homosexuals; etc.
I paid my water bill this morning. I then “struggel” to compose, via “Word,” a clarification of my addendum of my tax return to the I.R.S. (15¢ for printing, 39¢ for postage).
My final extra-apartment business was to deposit the $26-state tax refund.
John Rolf, of Jamestown fame, captured Pocahontas. The latter later married the former. Was it an early example of the “Stockholm Syndrome,” in which the captive - Pocahontas - fell in love with her captor - John Rolf - or did Pocahontas have a choice?
I watched THE NEWSHOUR WITH JIM LEHRER (6-6:56 P.M., P.B.S.) yesterday evening.

(acerca de 1:33 P.M.) Of course most Republicans and most of the Bush administration is against expanding the federal hate-crime law: If everyone is equal under the law, then that would mean legal marriage for “gays” and “lesbians”!
The Bush administration “won” a second term by basically encouraging ten or eleven states to sponsor anti-same-sex marriage bills, in order to increase the homophobic vote, which is predominantly Republican, yet the Bush administration declares that hate crimes should be determined by the states!
I agree with Mary Cheney, the daughter of the vice-president: Any anti-discrimination law tacitly sets one group (race, gender, sexual preference, etc) up as the standard that must learn to live with non-standard groups.
Mary Cheney is a lesbian, and, rightly so, considers homesexuality as normal as heterosexuality. Unfortunately, though, democracy is “mob rule,” and the “mob” determines a sub-standard human.
Homophobes and all other discriminators hate freedom!
To repeat, democracy and freedom are not the natural states of humankind! There must be laws that “curb” the atavistic tendencies in us all!
E.R. (9-10:00 P.M., N.B.C.) assumed control of my life yesterday evening.
Can “you” believe it: the summer season on television is almost upon us!

(acerca de 3:33 P.M.) Deah is a goofy old woman! But wait! I am a goofy old man!
What can I expect Deah to be given the environment in which she lives!
Deah was about to enter the “front” section of the stream that lines the “back” part of the park, when the “H-1” lady appeared in her scooter on Esther Williams Lane! Upon the “snack lady” calling her, Deah rushed (with me behind and controlling the leash) to be fed.
And, of course the lady was thrilled!
I was also given three dog biscuits.
Deah locates food items on the ground, long before I can see it! Although we all know that Deah is a lot nearer to the ground that I am! And I’m sure there are other reasons Deah can “sniff” out food partic_les left behind by non-caring assholes!
Wind and Overcast conspire to book Rain! Each has done all that It could to entice Rain. Whenever Phoebus dares to “speak out,” It is quickly “quicted.”
The 70⁰’s (F) have been lowered to appeal to Rain’s anti-Heat lifestyle!
“Humpty Dumpty” of “M-6” was washing his car/truck when he motioned me over, with his head: Deah and I were returning home, and on the sidewalk that”serves” “K,” “J,” and “I.” The man wants to replace my bicycle tires and tubes.
THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO (10:35-11:35 P.M., N.B.C.), THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN (10:35-11:35 P.M., C.B.S.), and JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE (11:06 P.M.-12:05 A.M., A.B.C.): Yes, I will probably “stick” with the late evening triumvirate.

(5th, About 9:05 A.M.) It was the Spring of 1999 (or maybe 1998); I was bussing to Tallahassee Community College in Tallahassee, FL.
Debra, a middle-age female African American, a one-time neighbor of Anita Matlow on Piney Lane, was a co-passenger.
If I can remember correctly, I, in a semi-___ manner, discussed the local police with her. I think it may have been a warning to stay clear of me!
Sign of a visitation by Rain can be disconcerned outside. It must have struck early this morning.
As Deah and I were returning from our walk yesterday afternoon via the Childersburg Estates sidewalk, an elderly woman on the porch of “I-2” (?) asked me about granny. The woman didn’t seem surprise that I’m not in weekly contact with my mother.
The fact of my semi-estrangement with Joyce and granny, due to C.A.C.C., has probably “made the rounds” of the residents of Wood Arms and Childersburg Estates!

(acerca de 10:1_ A.M.) There is still much to expose about the two-year college system. Brett Blackridge has taken on a partner to assist him: a Charles ___.
The state Ethics Commission has enthusiastically endorsed Bob Riley’s proposal to bar state legislators from employment with the two-year college system, as any thinking, ethical person would. The Board of Education balked, naturally, at the “plot,” alleging legal concerns.
Such “double dipping” by the like of Betty Carol Graham has always been a “sore point” for me, and I have uttered my “concerns” to Joyce several times, mainly in the car as we went to work!
Such a move, if successful, will change the face not only of the system, but also state government!
I also purchased a $2.25 pack of cigarettes at the Convenient/”newsstand.”
It was 1998 or 1999; I was involved in a formal, non-F.S.U. computer course at ACHS (?) Computer “lab,” about five miles from the F.S.U. campus.
I was sitting __ the door (to my left) end of a row of computers. A young male to my right, but with a seat or two separating us, was a Philosophy major.
I was facing the inside hall; it was the second floor? Or maybe not!
I asked the male why was he majoring in Philosophy, the insinuation being “why waste your time on a field like philosophy?”
I am trying to read and understand René Descartes’ “Of God: That He Exists.”
Maybe it the translator, Laurence J. Lefleur.
Did Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, “inspire” the Bush administration to suddenly meet with Syria after refusing to do so all these years? Ms. Pelosi, of course, is a Democrat: The Republican Bush administration needed the credit to go to the Republicans.
I watched THE NEWSHOUR WITH JIM LEHRER (6-6:56 P.M., P.B.S.) yesterday evening. (continued)