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2023-11-05 18:37:48 (UTC)

Homeless in Canada

We left our rented apt on 31st and since 1st Nov we are technically homeless because we are living in Airbnb and not a place were we can call it our house. We almost got a house on rent and it was rejected on the same day when we were suppose to move in. The owners rejected for silly reason maybe silly for us but not for them. Now we will move to our 3rd Airbnb today which will be till 15th and we hope to get a house before 15th Nov. We checked out our 2nd Airbnb today at 12 and A went for his work and I decided to spend my time till 4pm in a public library, because free place and free Wifi.
Temp out is 10degree and am so stressed, now I don't understand that I should look for a house or job. I havn't eaten well since day before yesterday. I had very little lunch today because just don't feel like eating or doing anything. I just feel like winding up this time and land to my safe place. But I really have no option other than fighting this very very difficult time. Its difficult for both of us, I respect that he is working and trying to earn and make use of every day but somewhere he is the reason for not getting a place, his low income and seasonal job. If I had a job things would have been different too... today after morning I was feeling so helpless and frustrated that I wanted to cry out loud. I just feel that i am not getting a job this year, I have to survive with some random survival job, I see the time ahead is quite difficult.
Nothing has turned out the way I thought, no job, nothing positive. I tried not to think about it much but I actually see the seriousness of this situation when i am alone and thinking more about it. Diwali is near and my mom has sent me a Diwali snacks and few things. Things at home is also not that great, sis is not working, kids are too hard to handle for mom & sis, P facing serious loss in his business, financially they are not doing good, mom fell last month but she is having no rest. there is nothing positive going on,everyway its fuckedup.

I hope to comeup with some good news soon. cya