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2023-11-01 16:09:55 (UTC)

Moved to a new place

We finally had to take an Airbnb for 4 days. We are still looking for a place to rent. An Airbnb were we are staying right now is good, new, clean but it has shared kitchen n living space still I found it good.
Yesterday we had a real hustle of life. It was a never ending day for us. after I woke up I cleaned the fridge, washroom, broomed whole house, packed all pending stuffs, bathed again packed pending toiletries, washed & air dried all remaining clothes. then around 3pm A came back home we had lunch which was cooked a day before and again washed all remaining dishes packed. We took all stuff which was of no immediate use and dumped at his work place, there were around 5 bags and few duffels and boxes. Then we took our main stuff and dumped here in Airbnb, went back home again handed over the key to owner. I was feeling so emotional I wanted to cry but I held on it. A was sad too we kissed and left to check a new place. we liked it, it was good I pray that our application gets accepted. We met owners and they asked for few documents. We have to find something before Saturday. god please help us.
Meanwhile, I just want to find a job. I messaged few of my acquaintance like my driving teacher to find any available job for me. I guess I can get dish washing job and cleaning job anywhere. Ill have to take that and just have to get a job at any cost. Yesterday we both were stressed, A told me if either of us don't find a job we have to go back to our country. I really don't want that to happen I will look like such a loser, because A is doing his best Its me who has to move my ass, I am trying... I am trying my best by asking people, enrolled for a coaching, applying daily on LinkedIn, references, indeed, going out and asking people for jobs too. I guess now I have to go everyday to ask for jobs in restaurants and shops. HIGHTIME!. Starting tomorrow ill take print outs of my CV and will go door to door asking for jobs. This is the worst scenario I imagined for me and its happening like wowwwwww.... phewww. 1000s of jobs in corporate and I have to do this. But I really believe in "your own sweet time" and my sweet time will come soonnnnn..... At this point I really feel like A had a little high paying job in corporate. It wouldn't have been this hard. In chakkar of not wanting a desk job he took a very basic job which is too less to survive in coming years. Just let me get through a job then Ill just give my best.
Yesterday, in spite of all this hectic day A took me for a Halloween show and it was so spooky and scary and fun. I was scared beyond I imagined and later I felt like a fool reallyyy haha but it at least released some tension and we laughed.
Ok ill get back to my job search and I have a busy day ahead. Now its 1pm Ill apply jobs, I have to edit CV send it to 1 guy who offered me a help sending my CV to his friends circle. I hope ill get something very soon.
Ok If you are reading this send me some love and positive vibe I need it the most.
TC. Hopefully ill come up with some good news very soon!