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me and my life
2023-10-30 18:25:18 (UTC)

Stressed, overwhelmed & stuck!

Right now I and A we both are so stuck up. We have packed our things but have no place to move. the places we shortlisted were not accepted because of financial reasons. And now we are planning to move in airbnb. We are struggling from many days and its tiring mentally, emotionally and physically as well. We are facing to this issue together sanely but today I really feel very lost & stuck. I just feel that things are just not moving ahead with anything be it house hunt, my job and nothing. I also failed my 2nd attempt in driving test. everything is so demotivating, dull and just feel not a right time to do anything. Everything is uncertain, I feel like crying and a lump in my throat seeing the situation rn. I know the day is not far when I get a job, move to a good house but this phase is really sucking up my energy. I gave interviews and but not able to pass to 2nd round. All my trails are going waste. I have to now look for a labor jobs like dish cleaning, kitchen helper something like that. I have been in similar situation before where I felt helpless, nothing worked but eventually I got what I wanted hence, I am also positive that no matter what I have to just keep moving and Ill get and achieve my goals. Its damn difficult but I have to stay strong. I have to keep aside all festive mood and all and have to push myself through this hard time and believe in god and the process of life. God help me achieve my dreams and strong behind us, protect us from uncertain things.
This too shall pass .. Amen.