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2023-10-24 09:40:00 (UTC)

The Day After Labour Weekend.

It's Tuesday and the third day of a new week. New Zealand had a statutory public holiday this weekend gone making it a long weekend with Monday (yesterday) being Labour Day. Here's a little history :

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I need to resume daily yoga and floor exercises. Unfortunately, I cannot walk any more than I already do on a weekly basis. I'm scared to do these exercise routines because of my heart.
Mid-December is when my echo test is scheduled with cardiology at the hospital. It couldn't come any sooner for me. The mornings are generally okay with my heart. It's eating meals, taking medication and evenings that are tough. Walking too sometimes. My heart has to work harder.
I'm drug free now. I know that I have brought the majority of this on myself and I am incredibly grateful for every beat my heart still takes and for every breath I take. I'm trying not to take anything in life for granted anymore. The fact that I still wake up each morning is a miracle.
Though walking is strenuous I can still walk.
Alcohol and drugs have aged me prematurely yet I am still incredibly grateful and humbled that I am still alive.
Trauma (an inhumane amount) has pummeled my mortal body, yet I'm still alive and grateful to be here.
I am forever grateful to a God or beloved Higher Being for upholding me, freely gifting me the sustaining power of Life on a daily basis and keeping me motivated to progress.

Another busy week but not as busy as last week or the week before that one. Busy for me these days happens slowly.