2023-10-21 03:17:49 (UTC)


I did a lot of reflecting today. Facing my choices, I think that's what's mostly important. Is it? I realize these are my choices. Staying in marriage after returning. I've been back for 2 years now. Knowing he's a narcisist i'm making a choice, I must be well aware of course. That he is not going to change. Things will not be different. And I'm a very highly sensitive person and if I remain. It's very toxic and I will be hurt.. I have to always keep up my mind. Nobody is making me stay. This is a choice I'm making. You don't get to complain,

I'm avoiding a detox state that's for sure. I realized that I'm scared and I reflected on that.

And last, they made it appointee to stay in the moment. Not that I was a 100% in the moment all the time. But I'm making a conscious effort.