2023-10-04 13:37:52 (UTC)

Just another attempt

In the past I have started many diaries here. My life has had many aspects to it and I've done my best to describe it and share it with others.

At this point I am so utterly lonely I choose to try yet another time to reveal what actually makes me the way I am.

Spent so much time trying to get attention, for someone to notice and appreciate me.

I suffer from borderline personality disorder. I have abandonment issues, I'm easily fooled, I'm lost.

Nolonger at a working age I am supposed to be enjoying retirement right now, instead I feel worthless and nolonger with any purpose at all.

My relationship of over 10 years was based on a lie, I however had no idea and the day hw said it was all a game destroyed me, I can't seem to move past that fact.

I'm lonely, I feel so alone. It hurts