Dream Scribe

2023-10-03 09:28:00 (UTC)

A Survey.

I made this survey up with questions both comfortable and uncomfortable. You are most welcome to use it too. It's a start.

• What is your favourite colour?
That would be green. Almost every imaginable shade of green, with a few that I favour more than others : bright green is one.

• What is your natural hair colour?
Black. With loose ringlets that twist back upon themselves in places. My hair is long but recently trimmed.

• Where were you born?
Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

• How tall are you?
5' and some inches.

• How much do you weigh?
Really? Just no.

• Do you have a religion?
I do. And I do my best to practice it sincerely.

• Have you ever studied at tertiary level?
I have.

• If you have studied / are studying at tertiary level, what was or is your favourite paper?
Anthropology at one university and graphic design at an institute of technology.

• Do you have any pets?
Yes, I do. Three precious cats. One lives with me and two are feral boys. I love them dearly.

• What is your favourite game?
Got a few favourites but the one still going at the moment is Codecracker and paper crosswords. Nothing digital. I would like to learn how to play Fortnight and Assassins Creed.

• Do you drink, use tobacco products, vape or use recreational drugs?
Not anymore to all of the above.

• What is your best time of the day?
That can vary but nowadays it's generally mornings. Energy levels are good ergo productivity levels are generally optimal.

• What is your favourite time/s of the day?
When the light creeps into the sky and a new dawn lights up the world around me and when the light slowly fades out and the dark settles in once again.

• What is the most beautiful thing that you have ever seen?
My newborn baby girl. Brings instant tears to my eyes.

• Who is or are, the most important person or people in your life?
I'm too shy to answer this. It's a varied list that includes my Higher Power.

• What is one thing you have done in your life that you are very proud of or pleased beyond measure with yourself?
Given birth to a healthy little girl 38 years ago.

• Name a failure that makes you cringe.
I failed a certain stage of my driver licence (restricted) several times, so I gave up. In New Zealand there are three stages to obtaining a full driver licence : Learner, Restricted, Full. The last two are practical tests, the first part is theory.

• Have you ever attended a support group?
So many, it's not funny and never has been.

• Do you do volunteer work in your community?
Not at the moment though I do love to serve.

• Name your favourite movie or movies?
I have a million of them. Here's a few :
The Matrix.
Bourne Trilogy.
Mission Impossible franchise.
Documentary films.
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

• What is one thing that you are incredibly grateful for?
My life and this wonderful miracle and thing called love.