2023-10-02 02:47:28 (UTC)

My son took a shower and goes ..

My son took a shower and goes “there’s water in my nose holes and I can feel it in my brain. Do you feel it in your brain?” Haha. I laugh and say “it feels like that sometimes” but what a logical conclusion for his age. Does water actually go to the brain through the nose? No. There’s a thick membrane that separates at the back of the nose. He chose Beethoven Symphony No.5 to sleep to and pretended to play the notes on piano along my arm and face lol. I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world!

I don’t understand why some people who are newly married and spend all day on social media. Like don’t you have something to do with your spouse?? Every time I login you’re there, all day just there. Wtf are you even doing? I understand you post a pic or two lalala respond on and off maybe… but when it’s all damn day, everyday… I just be like ugh something ain’t right with you or your relationship.

I did pray last night before sleeping, with all my might I said “God please forgive me for I have sinned watching a movie like that. Please protect me from any demons or evil spirits. I promise I’ll never watch a movie like that again.” And I stand by that, it was not for me at all. Sorry not sorry. I had an idea of an anime date thingy ma jig. You know how they have movies in the park sometimes as an event (well in my city they do). Couldn’t that be done on a smaller scale like a projector connected to a phone and a white sheet that dangles from a tree as the screen? Would that need a permit? I think that would be cool and like other people would watch too if they wanted. Bring blanket, snacks, battery pack or something. Would that be weird? Ooh maybe take a walk, watch the sunset and end it with an anime stream. Then again… perfectly fine to watch in a house or the backyard of the house. Idk just thinking out loud. I’m cramping hella hard, hoping it’s my period and not the “cancer”. They said they’d reach out but I can’t stand waiting anymore. I’m going to call and express my concerns until I get some results haha.