Kitty Diary

Kitty Diary
2023-10-02 02:58:29 (UTC)

Hot sex

My man was gone all weekend for a bach party and I was home with the kids... 37-38 weeks pregnant.

I felt so lonely at night and I missed him like crazy. Plus sleeping was almost nonexistent. I woke up every hour, I hate sleeping alone. But I was also kind of horny. Having sex during pregnancy is hard, I barely ever want it, so with that said, we haven't done it for 2 weeks.
When he came home today we ran right upstairs and made love. I felt like I haven't kissed him for weeks (we kiss all time through). It felt So nice.
He fingered me, thank goodness be was patient because I took awhile and then eventually came all over his hand and bed. It was amazing!
Then he slipped himself in me and made these fast and hard thrusts.

I'm so grateful to have a man who still loves my body and me, even while I'm hugely pregnant. It makes me feel so good, I've never felt like that with anyone else. He makes me feel like he truly appreciates me and my body.
I hope that never goes away. We've been together for over a decade though, but anything can change.
But for now, I love it and I'll cherish it.
I'm about to.not have sex for 6 weeks though because of post partum .. :( which is just the worst.
After birthday is usually the hardest on my body and mind.