Dream Scribe

2023-10-01 10:53:00 (UTC)

Morning Tea Time On Monday. SICK-O-PHANTS.

People Who Intimidate Using Their Vehicles.

• I hate this and it has happened so many times to me, I've lost count. This happened to me today.
I've reached an empty carpark entry and a person driving a car sees me, suddenly turns in, and I have to stop walking. They invariably park in the closest park to me, their vehicles inches from me. I haven't gotten angry in a while with the public. Today I did several times. This time was one of them.
• I hate this one too. A vehicle at an intersection indicates to turn right when I'm crossing the road in front of them, then suddenly switches off their indicators and barrels towards me. This happened to me today. The guy was smiling that funny smile that they all smile when they do it. I got angry and swore at him in front of his kids.
• The old woman with a silver pageboy hair cut who works at Countdown supermarket was on duty at self service today.
(She invaded my privacy months ago, by opening my bag without asking to check if I had been stealing. I don't steal but am regularly on the loose end of white privileged supermarket worker distrust. This horrible incident of being singled out, caused me to stop going to Countdown as well as another customer who told me to fuck off after I pulled him up for trying to push in front of me at the checkout line.)
Today I filled out a public bulletin card for help with getting my feral boys neutering done. This old bitch would've seen me doing this because the bulletin board is right opposite self service. When I left the supermarket after putting my advert up on display board, she may have taken it down. This bitch has also snarled at me in front of customers. Her sweet side is a sham. I don't see it much. She mainly treats me like shit and everyone else around me she treats warmly and humanely. The fat young male floor manager treats me badly too. Really badly. Like I have leprosy. He's also white.
• One of my neighbours stole my glass bottle recycling bin this morning, put their glass empties in it and wheeled it out to the road near their unit. I think it was the new guy Steven. Piece of shit. The alcohol residue from the empties pooled on the bottom of the bin making more work for me. He is the brother of another guy who lives here. This has happened several times to me during the last two years. I keep my recycling bins clean. When other tenants collect their empty bins, they check for the cleanest one and take it. The only cleaned bin is mine. I lost it this morning over this. Steven may be mentally ill but this shit just fucks me off. Mental illness is not an excuse ticket to treat another neighbour like shit. Fucken asshole people live in this village for the poor. Can't believe it some days what they are capable of doing. My new neighbour right next door to me discards the hair from her hairbrush onto my gardens. Even though I've picked it up several times (and I hate doing it) she still continues to do it.
If I ask her to please stop doing it she gets angry.

People can be or naturally are pieces of shit.
Sycophancy hasn't touched my life for some weeks except for tiny incidences here and there, which I totally ignore. Dealing with several incidences within less than an hour of being out is sheer hell.

It's a spiritual thing. Not many people want to get near to me to be kind. The opposite is true. It's how the world operate ; those who believe they themselves are a higher power and are a living testament to being drunk on the blood of their own salvations. Only a God can save you.
These types of people have to get as close to me as possible. Real close in as intimidating a way as possible without making it seem obvious to anyone else except me that they are.

I may be a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ but I still have a soldier-like temperament : FUCK THE LOT OF YOU, GO FUCK YOURSELVES, GET FUCKED, FUCK THE HELL OFF AND LEAVE ME ALONE.
There are consequences to your actions far worse than what a court of law can hand out. Pack of shitheads.

They get a kick out of frightening me. The male who falsely used his indicator had his kids in the vehicle. He is not the first family male to do this. Women with children do it too. It's like they are teaching their children wholesale, how to treat a non-white person, especially a high profile non-white one. Fucken evil. I don't hate them anymore. This kind of superiority behaviour is designed to perpetuate hatred. How I deal with these incidences of harm, I shall keep private. I'm not going to let their behaviour go unchecked, nor allow them make me sick.

You can keep your dysfunction and/or hatred to yourselves those townsfolk who do this to me. It is not welcome in my world.