The Cryptic Library
2023-09-30 22:45:50 (UTC)


- 12:33 p.m. -
I had a match against Ghostface in Dead by Daylight who was just goofing around. I took a screencap from that where he and I were just crouching and spinning, and attached that to my Diarium.

I bought the Ultra Street Fighter II game for the Nintendo Switch, and I kind of regret it. I got it for the nostalgia kick, because I played SFII a lot when I was growing up. The other SF games not so much. That was also why I chose Ultra SFII over the SF Anniversary Collection. At first I thought Ultra SFII would have all the various SFII editions like the Anniversary Collection does, but apparently it's just one single game. When I played the original SFII, I adored Chun-Li just because she was the only female fighter at the time. Female characters in fighting games were a rarity back then. So I was excited when Super Street Fighter II came out because it introduced the second female fighter, Cammy. I was excited for Chun-Li to have another woman to fight against that wasn't just a clone of herself. I also remember how badly Cammy kicked my ass when I first played it in the arcade.

Anyway, I'm regretting the purchase of Ultra Street Fighter II because the AI is so boring. But it's just like the old times, but fighting games have come a long way since then. I like watching CPU's battle against each other, but it was super boring to watch Ken spamming his Shoryuken. I'm better off watching the battles in Street Fighter X Tekken.

I was feeling super tired today, but we finally watched the New Super Mario Bros. Movie, and it was a lot of fun. I found it strange how Mario was regarded as being little as I'd never thought of him that way. It was also funny to see the normally menacing Bowser just swooning over Peach, even playing and singing a song about her on the piano. The racing kart scene was a lot of fun, and of course the final battle. I was disappointed that there wasn't much Yoshi, though. There was Donkey Kong though. There was just a brief cameo of the Yoshis running by, and that was it. But maybe there'll be a sequel in the works?