2023-10-01 00:04:03 (UTC)

Another Bad Day, but . . .

We did NOT do NYC, which relieved me greatly. Main reason was a heavy rain in the Big Apple that looked really bad on the news, and while today was not rainy, it was still wet, overcast, and windy - not the sort of day for two old greenhorns to DRIVE into a humongous, baffling city for the first time. So we skirted around it. Danbury CT was a mess so we stopped at a 2-story IHOP for breakfast and I almost choked on my protein pancakes.
And then our moods went bad. Not content to rely on GPS for fear it might lead us too close to NYC, we struggled with inadequate maps and side roads to finally get over the Hudson River and into NY state from CT. Then more circuitous roads into New Jersey, for which we had only a partial map. No where to go but stay in my seat and absorb constant verbal abuse every time my directions were not clear which way to go.
Managed to reach and follow the Garden State Parkway down the state. At this point my mood is livid and sullen. We reached tonight's destination - the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City. My wife's kind of place but certainly not mine. The garishness overwhelms me, and we HAVE TO use valet parking. We enter the lobby to the overbearing, loud song of a screeching lounge singer. My wife does all the talking as my mood is truly black now.
We get settled in our room on the 24th floor and go down to the gambling level. My wife starts her machine-hopping, and I wander around looking for a ballgame to watch. I find one - my Seattle Mariners who are fighting to stay alive in the playoff race. The waitress lets me stay at the bar and eat chips and salsa for free! But then my team falls behind, and now I must go and locate my wife to check on her . . .
My Mariners are losing 4-0 as I return to my barstool to find my chips gone. But that nice waitress gets me more.
This could be a very long night.
I am getting tired of being on the road, and this odyssey ain't even near half over. Looking at our itinerary, there are only three more stops that I am really looking forward to. Just going to have to suck up most of it and stay open to surprises. Work on my poor attitude as well. And crack open one of the several books I have on the floor of the back seat of the car for free time off the road.
The Hudson River Valley and surrounding area is truly beautiful. See - I don't ALWAYS complain!