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2023-09-29 23:22:36 (UTC)

not so good news... but a good news

I started working at Tim Hortons from today, ahhhh.... don't congratulate me or ask me if am happy, because am not. I joined here just to start from somewhere. its a fast paced work, people go crazy for the coffee and baked items and sandwiches. There is no single minute to even say hi to co workers, people are just following in, some want double double, some ask for decaf, some want espresso shot, some what half sugar pheww still I believe I picked up quite fast. Today I had 4 hrs duty I took many orders and made many coffees too. For me the most difficult part of this work is dealing when customer pay in cash, as am not known to CA notes and coins. Well, am actually not very happy about working here but I have to push myself to do this because one thing will lead to another.
I would have been happy If I would have gotten something at retail or superstores, that's quite chilled work. At least I could breath and drink water.
I am planning to check my self endurance and patience for 2 weeks if not suitable for me Ill quit. Also I am planning to enroll for job coaching which will coast me 1500 dollars. Lets see whats stored next...
ill come back with an update cyaaaa...