Becoming Me 🌻

2023-09-27 13:58:10 (UTC)

Emotionally Drained

I feel really emotional this morning at work. I don't know if my cycle gonna come on soon or if the fact that I'm reading a book about people dying of cancer. A romance book. I didn't tend on reading it. I bought it a long time ago at Target and it's been sitting on my shelf for the longest. So I said why not. I'm only towards chapter 20 and it's still sad. It reminds me of A Thousand Boy kisses now that's a heartbreaking book that you'll never forget. Now I gotta find funny videos to make me laugh once I'm done with the book because I know that it'll definitely break me. And hard. 😭😭😭😭. I hope I'm not alone when it comes to reading and books. 😂

- A