(almost) Daily Blather
2023-09-27 07:59:59 (UTC)

Getting nervous

I am getting so nervous. Two more days until set up, then two days to sell my wares. This is my first time to set up shop on my own. Did I make the right stuff that people will want? Did I price the items too high? Did I price things too low? Is my stuff even worthy of being presented to the public?

I know these are the question everyone asks themselves when setting up a first time retail space. I know all of this is a crap shoot? I know I am going into this as almost an experiment, a test if you will. It is just that I have invested a good bit of time making product. I have invested some hard earn money into this for supplies to make the items, to display the items, to pay for the booth space.

If I can just earn back the booth space fee I will consider this a success. Ultimately I am trying to look at all of this as basically a test market. This will be used to determine if I am making the right stuff for this particular crowd. If I need more of an item, less of another. Is there something else I should include in my inventory? Are things too basic, too plain. Do items need to be a bit more detailed? What was over priced? What was underpriced? Sadly I was unable to get everything made I wanted to include in the booth. I injured my hand which stopped me from making anything else..

I did invite a couple of other guys to put a few of their pieces in my booth. This is a bit of a different market than they have tried selling in. Plus, their products will help fill out my offerings.

Knowing all of this...I am still nervous as hell that I bit off way more than I can chew. But really, deep down, I also know that in the end I am going to be dog tired but will know I had one Helluva good time.